Sunday, September 25, 2011

American Sewing Expo Day 2

sewing to the left, guns to the right
Sewing to the left, guns & knives to the right. 

Previously, on Vacuuming the Lawn, I wrote about Day 1 of the American Sewing Expo .

Day 2, Saturday
I took a class taught by Project Runway Season 5 semi-finalist Suede and Nicole from Simplicity about incorporating classic, edgy and flirty looks with the SuedeSays collection of patterns. For one of the looks, they had applied velcro to a skirt so they could easily switch out different trims on the skirt--which I think is a great idea not just for demos but for real life too!

Back at the Simplicity booth, we posed for more pix.  This time I'm wearing NewLook 6000 and Suede is wearing a jacket from his brand new Simplicity Suede Says men's line.   I'm also wearing those super cute mary janes.

me with Suede at the Simplicity booth.  I'm in NewLook 6000
Suede is so incredibly nice and friendly, which he says is his midwestern upbringing.  He autographed the SuedeSays pattern I bought, and said my parents must have been funky "in a good way" to name me Kyle.

SuedeSays autographed pattern!

All of the Simplicity folks were nice; I spent a LOT of time chatting with them in the booth and they must have been wondering if I was ever going to leave!

There was a fashion show of the new fall Simplicity and New Look patterns.
Simplciity fashion show
Simplciity fashion show
I wound up buying quite a few patterns based on seeing the garments at the show after seeing the garments in motion. What's so cool to me is the garments are THE ones pictured on the pattern envelope. So fun! Simplciity fashion show
The highlight of the day was when the VP of Simplicity Judy Raymond said that she liked my dress and I did a great job sewing it (I believe she said it looked like it was off the rack) and then later on gave me the new Simplicity book "Fabric Guide: The Ultimate Fiber Resource" for being such a supporter of Simplicity and New Look. How AMAZING was that? Thank you! I'm looking forward to perusing it and learning from it. The book is in this picture of other things bought/collected at the Expo, mainly patterns but also serger thread from the Friday serger class, patterns, needles and the surgical seam ripper which I LOVE. my haul from the weekend (not pictured, some double fold elastic and Kai scissors, which I bought today)

I also took some other lecture classes, one on bias binding and using bias tape makers (now I totally want to make my own bias tape, but failed to buy the tape maker, hrm), and a class with Sandra Betzina about her Power Sewing Toolbox.

The Passion for Fashion show was at night. It's like a mini-Project Runway. 12 designers are chosen from hundreds of applicants. They don't know the challenge til they show up on Friday morning at the Expo. This year they had to make a dress inspired by one of 12 movies. They are given $100 and buy the fabric and notions from the Expo vendors, then make their garments on the Expo floor, where anyone can stop, watch, and talk to the contestants. Then on Saturday night they have the runway show with three judges.

This year we were able to talk with the contestants afterward which was very cool.
Here's Third Place winner Gertie from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing:
Gretchen and her garment at Passion for Fashion
Write your own caption:
Fan Favorite Lisa Simpson:
Lisa Simpson and her garment
Second Place winner Cheryl Zemeke:
Cheryl Zemeke and her outfit.  I LOVE for that collar
Cheryl made this clever hood that zips down the middle to open up into a shawl-collar style effect:
I love that hood, which unzips down the back
Passion for Fashion 2008 winner, PR columnist and teacher, PR Chicago weekend guest speaker and all-around sweet person, Angela Wolf.  Loving the slits in her sleeves.
Angela Wolf and me
I also met another Project Runway Season 5 contestant Joe Faris. Since PR, he started up a jeans company called Motor City Denim Co.
with Joe Faris from Project Runway season 5
So sad my double chin decided to make an appearance...

Such a fun day! I need to pack so I'll write about day 3, hopefully tmw, when I'm back in Jersey!

Be well, healthy-healthy-healthy, and good night!


  1. Love hearing about your adventure at the Expo. Looks like you have a lot of sewing to do, kiddo. I wonder if you met any MI bloggers there?

  2. Haha, that must be my zombie impersonation. Great meeting you!

  3. SOOOOOO FUN!!! Once again, I am living vicariously through you! It looks like you had a blast at the sewing expo, and I truly enjoyed reading about your experience!


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