Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Look 6000 view C in progress, and food & flowers

OH, it's got a ways to go, but here's New Look view C now in progress.
New Look 6000 in progress

Here's the pattern envelope:
New Look 6000

I first saw this pattern at the American Sewing Expo last year, during the Simplicity Fashion Show.  So yes, I saw the actual red dress on the envelope, walking down the runway!!  Ok, maybe that wasn't worthy of two exclamation points, but it was pretty fun, especially as New Look/Simplicity and I are BFFs.  Then I saw Shannon from MushyWear make it, and then Kristy from Lower Your Presser Foot made it and said it's swayback friendly--NO swayback adjustment needed.  Woo-hoo!!

I put in my second invisible zipper ever, not too bad.  However, somehow this one is making like a hump on my upper back.  I'm hoping when I put in sleeves, it might mitigate some of that.  But here you can also see the lovely pleat/tucks/whatever you want to call them.
New Look 6000 in progress
The back so far--the hem is haphazardly pinned up
New Look 6000 in progress

Here's a closer view of the collar.  I haven't put the collar facings in yet.
New Look 6000 in progress

The fabric has been fermenting in my stash; it's from Joann's and is synthetic and has stretch WITH the grain, and sort of looks like denim.
Here's what it looked like as a 14:
New Look 6000 in progress when it was a 14

A bit too big. I sewed it down to what I think is a 12, which is all the other pix in this post, which is probably too tight in the hip. I'm probably going to grade it out to a 14 at the hips and downward.

What it needs:
  • sleeves
  • sleeve cuffs
  • neck facings
  • buttons
  • hem
  • fit fixed hip downward
  • somehow fix that weirdy hump on my back?
  • open up the back vent
  • hook and eye half way up collar in the back

    Here's some food I made Monday night!  Lemon chicken orzo again
    lemon chicken orzo soup
    Summer vegetable soup.  It looks weird (to me) but it tastes great!  It has fresh corn, chicken, onion, tomatoes, zucchini, red pepper and milk in chicken stock.  It's from The Food You Crave.
    summer vegetable soup
    Are you craving it?

    Oh, I already got guacamole on my new Vogue 1247 but it came right out in the wash today.    The fabric washed up beautifully.

    Here are some gladiolas from the Princeton Farmer's Market:
    princeton farmer's mkt flowers 9/1/11

    princeton farmer's mkt flowers 9/1/11

    I'm feeling pretty good. Numbness/weird feeling comes and goes. It was on the right side briefly Thurs night this week but switched back to left side. I don't know what's up with that but I'm able to do everything I want to do even if it feels weird. Back pain has been 0 many days or just slight discomfort. YEAH!

    Hope you are all healthy-healthy-healthy! Be well!


    1. I love your dress. It is a very attractive style. And your paper towel tripod is hysterical! I need to rig up something like it!!

    2. The camera tripod looks like it's climbing up stuff. So cool! Dress is coming along well. I'm curious to know if the sleeves help the zipper situation, too.

    3. Your dress is so cute--love that collar! Oh, today it feels like soup weather. Send me that vegetable soup, please!

    4. I love the classic style of this dress! It looks good on you, so far.

    5. After seeing your tripod, I googled it and found it for sale at Amazon. I ordered a spiffy pink one and it's on its way!

    6. I love your dress! Were you able to find the reason it puckered on the back?
      I had a similar situation in a few dresses and I found that i'm shorter on the back, so I always take in 2" at the waist (Or cut the petite pattern only on the back piece of the dress)
      Hope this helps.


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