Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Look 6000 view C done; care for something to drink?

New Look 6000 view C done
Finally, it is done!!! New Look 6000 view C (sounds like Hal's cousin).  I recovered my sewing mojo at the NYC shopping weekend yesterday and finished it today.

New Look 6000
To recap:
  •  I saw it at the Simplicity fashion show last year at the American Sewing Expo and I believe I bought the pattern then and there.
  • Shannon from MushyWear and Kristy Lower Your Presser Foot both made it and I loved it on them.  I especially loved how Kristy said it was swayback friendly without needing a swayback adjustment.
  • I love the retro styling.  In my fabric (navy blue) and with those sleeves, cuffs, and collar, I think it looks like a flight attendant uniform from the 60's.
  • BUT I ran into this problem:
Ah yes, the weirdy bulging invisible zipper at my upper back!! I asked you guys here in this blog post and also in this post on the  pattern review message boards what to do, and I got a lot of suggestions, thank you for all of them!  Here are all my attempts to fix the problem and subsequent alterations:
  • zipper attempt 2 (as zipper attempt 1 is above):  As per Lisette, made sure the SA was consistent throughout the CB seam--it was.  I then ripped out back zipper and basted up the back and tried to get it on over my head as per Carolyn and whirrlclunk's suggestions.  Sadly could not get it over my shoulders.  If I made it from a normal knit with crosswise stretch, I think I could have gotten the dress on without a zipper.  However this fabric is an odd woven with stretch with the grain, so no dice.  However I was pleased to see the bulge went away, so  that gave me hope.
  • zipper attempt 3:  put a side zipper in the side seam, as per whirrclunk.  Ironed and interfaced the SA first as per the suggestion of many.  I made sure to ease it in with the curve as per spottedroo.  Sadly, I used a 9 inch zipper and the zipper pull wound up at my bust line, not a good look.
  • zipper attempt 4:  as per many suggestions, ripped out CB seam, steamed and interfaced the SA on the CB seam.  Inserted zipper.  Zipper was broken, could not get it to zip all the way up.  :(  I don't know if I broke it when I ironed the coils flat or what.
  • zipper attempt 5:  tried inserting a different invisible zip in the CB seam (after re-ironing the area with interfacing).  The zipper zipped, but the bulging zipper returned!
  • zipper attempt 6:  Ripped out the 9" side seam zipper and tried it again, this time with a 14 inch invisible zipper.  Made sure the zipper pull ended up around my armpit.   This time, I was successful!  I then ripped out the 22" CB zipper, and removed  the kick pleat as well, and then stitched the CB seam.
  • Cut 2 inches off the bottom of the dress (thus I don't need the kick pleat).

So here you can see the side view of the dress; not too bad! No more hump. There probably is some extra fabric lurking back there but I'm going to leave it be.  The front of me looks lumpy from those waist pleats.
New Look 6000 view C done
  • Looked through my button stash for the right buttons.  I didn't have too many matching buttons, so I went with these plain blue ones.  Instead of sewing one BIG button on the collar I used 3 smaller buttons.  I thought about using the sailor anchor buttons again as pictured on the card below but did not, as they did not match the 60's flight attendant vibe. You can see the button I used sewn on the cuff, and also see the pleating detail at the waist.  Those pleats were easier than I thought to sew.

The dress is navy; the buttons are a touch lighter than that though in some of these pictures they look like a much lighter blue.
New Look 6000 view C done
Here's a closer-up view of the collar:
New Look 6000 view C done
Kristy had noted the collar was floppy but I ignored her. Wish I had interfaced the collar as it is floppy and prone to deflating.
New Look 6000 view C done
Here's the back.  I think the wrinkling is from how I'm standing?  maybe?
New Look 6000 view C done
Aren't these shoes adorable????  You know I love running stitches.
my new shoes to wear with New Look 6000 view C
I plan on wearing them with the dress.  Can you believe, they were from Sears and were $30? 
Some more shots of the dress:
New Look 6000 view C done
New Look 6000 view C done

I wish I could get the dress on Emma but I can't.  She's just a mannequin and doesn't have collapsible shoulders.  However I have learned that for my shoulders it is easier to get into a dress with a side zip than one with a 22 inch zipper.  I have been scared of side zippers having struggled with them in the past but I think I learned a lot this time, and the invisible zip was easier than a traditional zip.  Of course you have to be sure of the fit....

Ok, so....if you are going to the American Sewing Expo next weekend let me know so we can meet up!!!

In other news, it is starting to feel like fall around here. Normally I dislike fall and winter but I am ready for a new season and a new beginning.  I did not have any doctors appts last week nor this coming week so that is great.  I still feel the numbness/weird feeling off and on and like someone suggested I wonder if it is diet related?  Well, I see the neurologist again the 27th.  My back and shoulder hurts a little from the shopping yesterday (I overdid it with the fabric purchases) but my ab is feeling pretty good.  And ever since I started meditation and did the MBSR meditation course I have several days a week without any back pain at all, yea!  I have started to get my sleeping back on track with Belleruth Naparstek's Healthful Sleep CD.   Highly recommend.

Be well and healthy, healthy, healthy! Good night.


  1. Wow, that's quite a lot of zipper attempts! I'm glad you didn't give up and have a pretty dress for your efforts.

  2. What a journey for the perfect zip! Congrats for seeing it through -- the back looks flawless now.

  3. I am so glad you persevere with this dress because it looks adorable on you. The shoes are perfect...I adore MaryJanes.

  4. Your persistence paid off! I love that you don't give up, but work for a solution. Nice job! Hope you have a pain-free week!

  5. Your efforts paid off!! Nice dress!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I admire your perseverance and fabulous dress! I'm going to the Expo on Sunday with a mom's friend. We can exchange info by email.


  8. D'oh! I'm going with a friend's mom!

  9. Great job staying with this dress until the end. It is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe!

  10. I am impressed with your heartiness and fortitude with the zipper! That is a lot of tries. In the end, it's a great dress. Totally worth the effort.

  11. Great persistence. Really paid off in this and future projects.
    Would love to find you in Novi.
    I practice MBSR too.
    Enjoy your really cute dress and shoes.


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