Friday, July 17, 2009

Chronically challenged?

This was quite a week, with a medical appt every day.
I saw the orthopedic doc on Thurs.
  • He said that he could "make up a story that would sound really good," but honestly, he doesn't know the source of my pain.
  • Now that it's been more than 6 months of daily pain, he said it's chronic back pain and that I need to learn what triggers the flare-ups and avoid doing those things.
  • Keep going to the chiro until the chiro discharges me (um, I don't think they do that?) and the acu.
  • Keep doing the back exercises from the therapist.
  • I asked about supplements. He said studies show glucosamine is effective for osteoarthritis in knees. He said I could try it for 3 months and see if I feel any differently.
  • I asked about vitamin D--he said unless I'm deficient, I don't need to take it. Said I should have a blood test at my primary care to determine that.
  • I asked about Magnesium. He said he didn't know what that was for. According to the bottle, it helps nerve and muscle function. Acu recommended it. He just said "ok".
  • He said because the pain oscillates from side to side, he doesn't think it's the SI joint.
  • He said again that my spine is healthy.
  • He said walking is the best exercise, and that he thinks I can use free weights again for my arms, as long as I watch my stance.
  • He asked if I feel like I'm improving, and I said I am, with pain at a 1, 2 or 3 most days. He said that I seem more upbeat than my last visit.
  • Then he said, "Be in good health", shook my hand and said good bye.
Tonight I saw the acu. It is really neat to feel all the fluttering/twitching/warm spots/pain spots. Tonight most twitching was in my right leg. I told her what happened this week. She said it's a good sign that I recovered so quickly from my back spasm. Oh, and there was one needle she put in my foot that made me say "OW" out loud--totally involuntary!! She said some of her patients yell with every needle. During the 35 minutes I was on the table, I started to fall asleep. When I came home, I slept for about an hour or so. The lotion that smells so good is Alba--I might buy some this weekend.

On Wed the chiro said if I hadn't had my flare-up, he would have reduced my visits to 1x a week. This coming week I will see him 2x, then I will start to see him 1x a week, unless I have another flare-up.

Tonight I cut out a very simple dress. It's basically to practice making the next dress I want to make, the one to wear to Christine's wedding. I'm worried that this practice dress is too small and will wrinkle too easily. But I am going to make it cute!!

Be in good health. I'm healing. My body knows how to heal itself. There's nothing wrong with me.

Good night!


  1. Alba lotion really does smell good, and I think it's an organic brand. I use their lip balms, which are petroleum free, taste great, and last forever.

  2. Sounds like you continue to improve. Being upbeat probably helps. It's cool that you are having success with these alternative therapies. I would recommend being careful with the magnesium supplements - I can explain why off line.


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