Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good news

It's getting late, so here's a list:

1. My part of the visa application has been approved! So in 2-3 months, Pete will receive the paperwork to do his part of the app.

2. I told Len (chiro) this morning that "I'm seeing the ortho on the 16th to discuss..." Len cut me off and said "to discuss how great you're doing!" (I was going to say, "to discuss the possibility of the cortisone injection".) I think I should stick with the chiro and the acu for another month and reassess then. The injection would have to go through the muscle to get to my SI joint and I'm figuring, that's gonna be painful. Things are starting to look up with my back. Pain is sometimes a 1, usually a 3, or a 2.

3. Saw Karen (acu) tonight.
  • She loooved the fact that I brought my summer bathrobe with me (no, it's not one that I made, but is rather one I've owned for a while with short sleeves and knee-length, great for acu!). I loooved the fact that I wasn't wearing a scratchy non-environmentally friendly paper gown.
  • She stuck a needle in my right knee that was incredibly painful, and one in my left ankle that was somewhat painful.
  • I think there's some slight bruising on my foot from one of her needles.
  • I had the needles for half an hour!
  • I felt a LOT of fluttering in my right calf & my abdomen.
  • I felt some very pointed pain at one needle in my right calf and sometimes in the right knee.
  • I felt warm spots all along my forearms.
  • I was in a different room this time that had no windows. It was pretty wonderful with the lights out.
  • For a few minutes here and there, I didn't feel any back pain at all!!
  • It felt like pain was lifting out of my right knee cap.
  • Karen revealed that she goes to the same ortho I go to!
  • I felt really groggy afterwards and ready for sleep!
  • I told Karen how I say "There's nothing wrong with me". She said that's great, and also offered these suggestions: "I'm healing." "My body knows how to heal itself."
  • She said I'm really in tune with my body which is great for acu but bad for pain because when I'm in pain, I really really feel it.
  • The lotion she put on my legs tonight smells like plumeria! Oh Hawaii, how I miss thy state!!
4. I've been waking up before my alarm every morning this week!

5. I've been taking my dietary supplements. So far, so good.

6. Answers to quizzes:
  • Yes! It's a wooden cow on the wall!
  • Love: brown! Like: gray! Hate: pink!! but that's mostly for the way they were constructed or problems I had during construction. I'll write a post about that later. One day I may love the pink one. Despite construction issues.
Good night!


  1. I am always amazed at how much detail you remember from your treatments! Yay for visa application approval!

  2. Congrats on the visa app approval and on reduced pain! I find your acupuncture notes very interesting. Hm, it didn't occur to me that your likes with the shirts were related to construction issues! I think they would all look great on you.


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