Monday, July 6, 2009

Minty fresh

I am feeling pretty darned good. I mean, the pain is around but it's feeling like it's going to disappear soon. I told Len tonight how I feel things are looking up and he was like, don't get too crazy and do too much stuff too soon. He also said I might regress a little bit. He made a "chart" with his hand to show how my recovery should generally looking like an upward sloping line, but that there may be some dips here and there. Yup, yup, got it!

I also started taking supplements (magnesium and vitamin D and vitamin C, in addition to my usual daily multivitamin). The morning after taking the magnesium, I felt like I had a lot more energy. No idea if those things are related or not.

I got so much done yesterday. Mobility is really coming back! I was able to finally hook up the hose and cut back some shrubs and the mint. The mint is hardy and bold, and was taking over the sidewalk, so I cut some sprigs for my house:
Mint from my "garden"
Because Antoinette loves my guessing games, guess what that thing on the wall is, above the mint. Others are free to participate too (lsaspacey, I'm looking at you! pjb, you already know!)

Weird, "looks like it's blurred but it's not" Cloud pic for yesterday:
Cloud pic for 7/5/09

I planted impatiens last year...and one of them came back? Huh?
impatient volunteer!
Great shot of my thumbnail there too.

Hosta bloomage:
Hosta bloomage
The deer ate some of the blooms, but not all.

All of my delicious plants have soap stakes now, so hopefully they are all protected.

Last night I went for another walk. As I was crossing the bridge to the other condo development, I saw two deer. One of them ran across the path, but the other one stopped in the path. I don't think she knew I was on the bridge. I wasn't that far away from her. She stayed there for a while and moved on. I could hear them running through the woods. Then a duck started quacking a lot and a stray cat was looking around too, and the fireflies were all blinking and it all seemed very magical like a Disney cartoon!

Unrelated: A lot of my ebay auctions are ending tonight and it's really fun checking out what didn't sell, what sold the second time around and which items are definite clunkers. Lenox dolphin? clunker. Mind of Mencia DVD? clunker. Crane's stationery & French Connection tote bag: second time around winners. Villeroy & Boch vase and candleholder matching set? definite winner!!


  1. It's a cow! Well, it's the two feet/ legs of a cow. That's my guess. :)

  2. That was my guess too. I'm going as far to say a vintage cow sign in tin?

  3. I was really tempted to say "the dangling hooves of a deer skin" but will vote for cow legs as well.


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