Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Knocking tasks down

You know the feeling, when the universe seems to align itself? Tasks that seemed insurmountable suddenly are getting done? It's work, but it's easier than expected and through due diligence, it gets done?

That is what my job has been like for me yesterday and today! Just knocking the difficult tasks down, makin' progress...YES!

And I got my five and a half SPR's done as well. They were stacking up and I felt I needed to get 'em done. Plan was to do one each night this week. Well, I did 3 last night and 2.5 tonight (that .5 is my green-with-brown-flower-in-progress dress!)

Went to Joann's tonight for some piping, and this woman stopped and asked me about fabrics for this baby quilt she wants to make with "Giants" and other football fabrics. She had maybe 6 fabrics, all kinds of stuff, stars, footballs, guys playing football, and the official "Giants" fabric, and I just let her talk it out, because if I were to make a boy baby quilt, it wouldn't have a football theme, and I've never made a quilt before. She said her son-in-law is a Giants fan. She questioned the red star fabric, thought maybe it should be striped instead. Where is the striped fabric, she asked? She answered her own question with "I guess it's all mixed with other fabrics" and I said that it seems to be that way, and then she said "do you have more of that fabric in another part of the store?" I said, I don't work here...she was all apologetic and said I looked like I could work there. I told her I used to work at Rag Shop and she said I had a very approachable face.

My Google blog roll seems to have stopped updating me on the latest blog entry for several people. Sigh.

Back pain: right side, mid-back, 2/3, sometimes a 1. Knees were pretty good today.


  1. Productivity always makes me feel better! I learned to stop wearing solid red shirts/ tops at Target. I think Blogger has had some changes afoot. Hope nothing is missing permanently as a result.

  2. Talking about big tasks suddenly being done reminds of the phrase "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out".


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