Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sneak peeks...

Here's what I worked on today:
Simplicity 2892.
Simplicity 2892 view B and D
Left to right: view B and view D.

I made view B minus the sleeves. I think the sizing is spot on (12). It's a cotton with a little bit of lycra in it.

Simplicity 2892 view B without sleeves
Love the pleats!!

I made view D but have a bunch of hand sewing inside the shirt to do--which is pinned in right now I think it looks a lot cuter in person than it does in the photos!!! It looks sort of sloppy in the photos (most likely from the pinning), but it's better than that. It sort of looks like a shirt for a 5 year old (turquoise gingham print on puckered fabric) but I think I will wear it anyway!!
Simplicity 2892 view D not yet finished and much cuter in real life.
Why I thought I could get away with a 6, I don't know. Well yes I do, I based it on bust measurements but um I should have allowed more ease because this is a woven. I wound up having to carve out some armholes!! Also, bra straps show and I think it's because of the size of the yoke--if I used a 10 or 12, the yoke would have been larger.

So now I'm behind by 6 sewing pattern reviews. I will catch up!!

There are a few shirts I want to make (Simplicity 2599 is back because I want to try view D again--someday I will blog about what happened with that.).
Shirts I want to make
Actually I should put S2892 view D back in the list; I think I want to make it again in a different fabric and in the proper size.

And there are a LOT of dresses I want to make, even though I hardly ever wear dresses. I want to make one to practice and then make the dress I want to wear to Christine's wedding. (that would be the PR pink one--though I'm making it in turquoise and non-metallic).

Dresses I want to make

Ok, time for a quick stroll around the block before it's dark out!

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  1. Hey, those turned out great! Sizing a knit pattern for a woven can seem foolproof, but sometimes those little surprises can sneak up on us.

    Make the dresses! And wear them, I encourage you!


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