Monday, July 27, 2009

Star Ledger Comics

Adorably cute:

Hibiscus number three bloomed today; I think that's the first time it's bloomed since I received it (it had just rained a lot when I took this photo).
Hibiscus #3 produced a salmon or light pink colored bloom today!

Rose bush produced three more blooms today
Three more roses the white rose bush produced

The Star Ledger is now down to one page of comics in their "today" section and a third of a page of "classic" comics in the sports section. They axed many of my favs, like Frazz and Heart of the City. Sigh. But they have all axed comics and many more online.

I'm getting sleepy...time for shower and bed!! Otherwise I'd write more about the comics and the Star Ledger in general. It's a post that's been a long time coming (in a good way, mostly!!)


  1. That is the tiniest panda I've ever seen. Prolific rose bush! I think the Web is great for comics... I guess it's no wonder, as the cost to publish online is as low as $0 and the cost to publish in print is enormous.

  2. I didn't know that you liked "Heart of the City"! I liked "Frazz" because of the occasional references to swimming. Guess we'll have to, I dunno, read the news now instead? :)

    Wonderful blooms btw!


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