Saturday, July 4, 2009

Like, Love, Hate Simplicity 2599

Today I finished S2599 view C, started and finished S2599 view D, and fixed the ruffle on S2599 view E. (I also hemmed my gray pants again, so I actually completed my sewing list from last night.)

Simplicity 2599 views D, C, E
Left to right: view D, view C, view E (without bow, with sleeves of A/B)

Guess which one I love, which one I hate, and which one I like.

Simplicity 2599 view D

Simplicity 2599 view C

Simplicity 2599 view E

Ignore the threads--I will cut them off!!

Do you like, love or hate any of those three shirts?

Ok, time for a quick walk before the sun sets. This is the coolest July 4th in memory. Usually it's 97 on July 4. Today is in the 70's, was sunny and pleasant!!


  1. Wow, impressive work. I guess they are in the order as pictured, Pink-Love, Gray-hate, Brown-like?

  2. I think it is: pink - love, gray - like, brown - hate. Though I have love for pink and gray and only like brown, mostly b/c brown is not a flattering color on me.

    So, I'm curious to know why the love, like, hate?

  3. Well, I have some insider knowledge so it wouldn't be sporting of me to play (and interesting therefore what your other commenters wrote). But here's the thing - they all look great to me, the ruffling on them looks fantastic. I'm only a civilian of course, but I love your work.

  4. I don't think you've revealed the answer yet, so I'll vote, too. I'm going to say:
    grey = love, pink = like, and brown = hate
    but really, what do I know. I'm only really voting on what my preference would be. :) They are all really cool and even cooler that you made them.

  5. This is hard. The color in the "brown" one looks way different from the color at the top. If this is the brown shirt with ruffle you were wearing in a previous photo (same pattern number), I love it on you so can't pick "hate". The jabot is beautifully done and so is the pink double ruffle. So it comes down to how you think they look on you. A jabot would be too fluffy on me but we have different builds. Sigh! I'm guessing pink-love, brown-like, gray-hate?

  6. I just made this so I'm anxious to see which one you hate! lol

  7. I like them all! But the gray is my favorite. Love that cascading ruffle. I have make the pink version so now need to try the gray.


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