Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brown extra wide double fold bias tape

I'm trying to see how many days I can go without taking Aleeve. It's been ten days. But today my back is feeling irritated again and I'm sort of tempted to take the Aleeve. I'm annoyed because yesterday the pain was a 0/1 (yes, that's right, a zero/one) and then I went to JoAnn's after work, and they only had crummy carts with wheels that don't turn properly, and I spent way too long there, and after an hour of pushing the crummy cart around, my back was starting to hurt at a 3. So I blame it on that. Right now it's a 3/4. And my knees are bothering me again.

I started my journal yesterday to keep track of what I did/ate/slept/icy patch/heat pad/stretches I did to see if I can determine what causes flareups. But I blame Joann's for this one. and myself. I should have just come home! blah blah blah. Gawd, even I'm tired of talking about my back. I have back talk burnout!!

Here's what McCall's 5799 looks like--I finished it to the point I could wear it. Now it's all nice and wrinkly after wearing it all day.

McCall's 5799 front after wearing it all day

McCall's 5799 back after weaing it all day

McCall's 5799 side after weaing it all day

I love the extra wide double fold bias tape (just lost pete there!) for the hem. I love the brown piping. I even love that it's lined (even if it means having to sew the lining to the zipper--I will sew lining in first and then zipper next time). I also love the funky dart in the front.

I SPR'd it and the turquoise dress from the weekend. All caught up on my reviews!


  1. That dress looks fabulous! The fit from the side is spot on. I'm so glad you did the contrast bias binding!

  2. Haha, actually you lost me at "bias tape" in the title! (Just kidding! :)


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