Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burda 10-2005-114 Cowl Neck done

Burda Oct 2005 114
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This was my first ever Burda pattern, and I've previously blogged about starting it. Through this experience, I learned about twin needle stitching and have fallen completely in love with the technique (read all about how I made it work here)! I thought I was finished last night, but I worked on it even more today, just taking in side seams.

Sizing: I'm between a 38 and 40 in Burda sizing for the bust, and between a 40 and 42 for waist and hip. The patterns don't have seam allowances. So I wound up cutting out a 40 in the shoulder and armhole, and 42 taper to 44 at the hip for the side seam. Next time I think I will try 38 all around, as I wound up taking in the side seams a lot, and I think the shoulder seam is too wide.

I also wound up buying a remnant of fabric at JoAnn's and recutting the cowl, since I forgot to add the hem allowance to the cowl, whooops!

My favorite part of the garment is the twin needle hemming. I have a hard time getting the cowl to look the way I want it to look, but I guess it's ok??

Burda Oct 2005 114

Burda Oct 2005 114

This is to show what I think is weird placement of the armhole, but I blame that on me. Next time I will do the "right" sizing.
Burda Oct 2005 114

The sleeves are a bit tight in the forearms. I might try making them wider there next time. And will definitely stop using JoAnn's cotton/poly blend fabric for this kind of thing. I definitely prefer a soft blend double knit which they don't seem to sell.

If I try pulling the cowl down around my shoulders, suddenly Star Trek comes out to play
Burda Oct 2005 114

Let's look at that twin needle stitching one more time, shall we? Because I love it so:
twin needle stitching on the cowl and hem
Good night!


  1. I love your cowl neck top! And your topstitching is fantastic!!
    I can see that you would have to play around with the collar to get it to sit right but once you had practised a few times you'd do it easily and automatically. The colour looks good on you too.

  2. That's a cute top! Congratulations on the perfect top-stitching! A job well done.

  3. I love the color of the top. And your stitching is top notch. Another beautiful garment.


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