Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The high was 85 today and tomorrow it's supposed to be 87. It feels like it's late June, but it's the start of April.

  • My dishwasher is officially dead.
  • I still don't have a couch, because I haven't gone looking for one.
  • I want to finish my Burda turquoise shirt and conquer twin needle stitching.
  • I want to make a cute little bag out of Austin fabric.
  • My house looks like a disaster area. It currently screams "bachelor pad," but is rapidly approaching "ransacked".
  • There are a few blog posts itching to be written.
  • There are some things I need to get rid of.
  • I'm taking Monday off so I hope to knock some of those things off this list.
  • I finally took the Alabama Stitch Book out of the library. Their projects are amazing and ambitious.
  • Sometimes, I still don't know what to say when people to question my name and gender, especially when they say "you don't look like a Kyle". Still, the record holder for weirdest discussion goes to the customer service rep who said, "Your mother named you wrong. She meant to name you Kylie." My mother hates the name Kylie.

So tonight I did both the AM and PM yoga sections of the AM/PM yoga DVD. Hrm.

Good night!

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