Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pillowcase Saturday

pillowcase Saturday
I went through my stash a few weeks ago and found some fabric that was destined for pillowcases. The pink cat fabric was from Walmart and had the 3/11/05 tag on it. It was $2. During my Ikea adventure a few weeks ago, I bought a LOT of pillows. One of them is a little tiny soft pillow and I've been using it lately for propping my head up while reading in bed. I thought it deserved some specially made pillowcases out of remnants. The flannel donut/coffee cup fabric has made a reappearance! And the flannel heart fabric was a 12 inch remnant from JoAnn's remnant bin. Several times I remember thinking, WHY did I buy this? What could I possibly make with this? Well, now I know.

I also worked on my coworker's dress. I spent about an hour on it. I'm not sure if the sleeves are exactly what she wants. I decided if they're not, then that will require another batch of brownies. The tray was full on Thursday. Now you see what's left. I shared 2 brownies with coworkers, the rest I ate.

Thomas Sweet box, brownies

The box at the top of the picture is from Thomas Sweet and held my floppy eared bunny. I still haven't eaten him yet.

My knee is much better compared to yesterday. My back is a lot better--pain is switching back and forth from right to left side. Things are looking up. I also read about half of Power Posture for Women. Book review coming soon!

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