Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giveaway Day 4: Crafty items etc

Don't forget to check out day 1 and day 2 of my pattern giveaway and day 3 which is fabric !!

So now we're at day 4 of my giveaway: other people's fabric and crafty items!!!

This isn't a raffle. Whoever claims something in these photos first in the blog comments, gets it (click on picture, go to All Sizes, original size for a close up). So claim it in the comments, then email me at kdburkhardt at yahoo.com with your mailing address.

And for my international readers--I will ship patterns to you but not the rest, sorry!

I'll keep this giveaway open for a few days, til Friday, and most likely will do my shipping next weekend.

Postage is on me to say thanks for your readership and support!

No limit on the number of stuff you want to claim in today's offering.

So first up is fabric from a neighbor. WHY I accepted some of her stash I don't know. Warning, it smells like mothballs.
X: 1 1/8 of 60" wide polyester something er other, creamy colored
Y: 1 1/2 of 44" wide poly blend bird fabric
Z: 2 1/2 of 60" wide black fabric that might have some wool in it? Not really sure. It's pretty heavy fabric.
fabric day 4

Kyle stickers in blue and green. I used a few of the blue ones but the green ones are untouched. Also, 9 feet of poly ribbon and an ice cream cone iron on transfer that says "sweetie"
stickers etc

jingle bells, holiday felt stick-it-shapes, snowman foam shapes, pom pom explosion, 5 plastic balloon weights in various shapes
Pompoms etc

green cone, white cone, unused tan croquet cotton, Christmas holly picks, peach poly ribbon for gift wrapping, pumpkin pick, butterfly
ribbon etc

Almost a full spool of white tulle, styrofoam balls galore

Plastic floral foam tray things, bridal bouquet holders

Other floral accessories (wire, tape, candle holders to be stuck in floral foam, floral pins, etc):
floral etc

Ok, have at it! Only one more day of new stuff to be posted!!


  1. Styrofoam balls galore--I'd be happy to take those!

  2. Ooh, I'd love Y and Z (bird fabric and black part-wool)!

  3. I'd love the crochet cotton, the pumpkin pick and the jingle bells.


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