Monday, April 12, 2010

Simplicity 8331 Austin Scissors bag in progress

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So I took today off from work to buy a new couch (win! It arrives on Saturday!) and dishwasher (fail, Lowe's won't install it for me because of copper something-er-other). So I didn't get much sewing time in. I decided I would sew for no longer than an hour tonight. I had already cut out the bag and done the prep work Saturday and Sunday respectively. Here's how far I got, the exterior is done (it's the scissors fabric from Stitch Lab in Austin):

Simplicity 8331 view D in progress

Cute, right?? Do you see the piping??? You know how I looove piping.

The final product is supposed to have a tuck, so I mocked that up:
Simplicity 8331 view D in progress (tucked)

I have to do the lining, which has a pocket and a band of fabric at the top that is the same as the exterior. I need to figure out the bottom piece; it's supposed to be a plastic needlework "insert" but I was thinking of cardboard, but then washing it would be inconvenient if it was cardboard. Maybe I have some plastic around here that would work. hrm. Right now I have some wooden postcards (from Kauai!!) as placeholders instead.

Good night!!


  1. Cute bag! Love the scissor fabric.

  2. What a great bag. The fabric really makes it fabulous!

  3. Cute bag! I predict it will get lots of use. :)


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