Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 2 of the pattern giveaway: cut patterns

There are still plenty of uncut patterns left from day 1--please be sure to check them out and claim the ones you want!

Here's day 2's patterns. These are all cut patterns. Many were disasters for me, but as someone said on SPR, that doesn't mean it'll be a disaster for you too. Gosh, even the Star Trek dress is in this list below!! and some of you even liked it!

Think of these patterns as garage sale finds. I'm not guaranteeing that every pattern piece is in the envelope. And they are cut patterns, mostly cut as size 14 but there are deviations.

This isn't a raffle. Whoever claims a pattern first in the comments (by pattern name and number, or if you can't tell what the number is, by describing the picture on the front of the pattern), gets it! So claim it in the comments, then email me at kdburkhardt at with your mailing address.

And for my international readers--I will ship patterns to you! (even if I will regret it as Mary Nanna says.)

I'll keep this giveaway open for a few days, til next Friday, and most likely will do my shipping next weekend.

For today's patterns, limit 15 per person.

Just click on the photo for closer viewing, then click on "All sizes", "Original size" to see a larger size image. I'm including two books in here.

I will most likely mail the goods out next week.


Cut patterns batch A

Cut patterns batch B

Cut patterns batch C

Cut patterns batch D

Cut patterns batch E

Cut patterns batch F

Cut patterns batch G

Cut patterns batch H

Cut patterns batch J
In the picture above, the pattern on the right is uncut. It somehow escaped me yesterday.


  1. Wow, I'm so glad I found your blog today! I'm interested in:

    S 5581
    NL 6735
    M 3541
    S 2594
    NL 6808
    S 4177
    M 9579
    and NL 66?? (above NL 6816 in photo)

    Many thanks,


  2. I think it's funny how many of these patterns I have! Heehee. Generous of you to share!

  3. New Look 6485 but only if it goes up to size 18 or 20 at least. THanks!


  4. Here's my list:
    NL 6832

    Thanks so much,


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