Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hookipa to my Hawaiian living room (in progress)

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Elvis always tries to jump into pix
Elvis always tries to jump into pix

Ok, so I am overly excited by my new red couch, Cherry.
I have another element of red in the living room, which are the uli ulis I bought in Waikiki in 2006. They are currently under the tv set in the living room.

Me with my uli ulis!
Was I really that lucky to stay oceanfront at the Sheraton Waikiki?

And that got me to thinking about the fat quarter I bought on Maui in 2008. So I removed the boring Manet print from its frame and threw the fabric in there, just as a mock up.

Hawaii and test tubes

I am loving it! It's not even ironed or flat in that photo, but it's looking pretty good for being thrown in there. I was also thinking of maybe making or buying a Hawaiian quilt-style piece to hang over the mantle, but this is definitely working in the meantime.

I then rediscovered my test tube rack and test tubes from my flower show in 2002. I will get some fake flowers to fill the test tubes.

And then that got me to thinking about the wall behind the couch....wouldn't Diamond Head look great up there? A great big poster sized print of Diamond Head? (You can see Diamond Head in the picture of the uli ulis).

where's mah bukkit?
And how about if I recovered the accent pillows the couch came with, in the blue version of the hibiscus print over the fireplace?

And of course Elvis is already hanging out....

Holy cow, I might actually use my living room for its intended purpose: living! and with a favorite theme of mine: Hawaii!

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  1. Great idea! I like the Hawaiian theme and I think you'll love it when it's done. Pic of Diamond Head is a must, I think.


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