Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet Cherry, new red sofa!

My unnamed red netbook and Ruby, my red camera, have a new red friend in the house! Meet Cherry!

Elvis approves
Elvis approves this sofa (it's actually called Vegas).

What I wanted:
  • turquoise couch
  • queen sleeper sofa
  • the kind with 3 cushions
  • the kind that it looks very neat and tidy
  • where the fabric is pulled tight
  • that if any wood was showing, it would be light
  • that it was actually comfortable to sit and lie down on
What I bought:
  • a red couch
  • queen sleeper sofa
  • the kind with 2 cushions
  • where the back ones aren't attached so they look kind of messy
  • fabric is only pulled tight on the cushions
  • the wood is dark
  • it is comfortable!!
It is longer than my old couch, so I can actually lie completely flat on it (benefit to being short) but unlike in the store, my feet don't touch the ground when sitting in it (drawback to being short). I think this may be higher than the one in the store because this is a sleeper and the store sample was not?

I am also thrilled that my end tables still fit!!! Thrilled!! I moved them this morning thinking, I really still like them after 10 years, I really don't want to get rid of them.

It looks a lot larger in real life compared to the pix.

it seems a lot larger in real life!
Look at how small my Ikea chair is in comparison! Look at how much lower the Ikea seat is...

I want to redecorate the living room NOW! (starting with, um, actually removing the tags from the couch.) But I really should finish washing my very neglected dirty dishes.

Oh, the delivery window was 9-12. They called at 9, were here by 9:10, out by 9:20 or so. Thank goodness I got up at 7:30 to move the end tables and shoe pile out of the way, vacuum the rug and remove the dust bunnies.

Unlike the guys who removed my couch, these guys knew how to deliver furniture! And they had this awesome cart with wheels that spun around. I think they actually knew how to protect their backs!
My new red couch
That bucket under the coffee table will be relocated elsewhere...


  1. It's gorgeous! What a good size, to be able to lie flat on.

  2. Good looking sofa! I love red couches. The room looks soooooo different. Although I think a turquoise couch would have been a cool statement piece, there is so much blue in the room (drapes and carpet) already that the red sofa is a nice contrast.

  3. I like your new sofa, and I LOVE love your lifesize cutout of Elvis.

  4. Great quality ... great style ... very comfortable ... can use in multiple of configuration ... very versatile ... just love it plus its great value ..... you must get the cover it protects it very well

  5. However the microfiber cloth is nice and very easy to clean if need be. Also it is very easy to set up (less than 30 min) and the "free" shipping is nice touch (the delivery drivers expect a tip). You can also small sofa set it up with the lounge part on either side.


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