Monday, April 12, 2010

Giveaway Day 3: The fabric!

Don't forget to check out day 1 and day 2 of my pattern giveaway!!

Now we're up to day 3 of the giveaway, the fabric!

This isn't a raffle. Whoever claims a piece of fabric first in the comments, gets it (I labeled the fabric by letter, click on picture, go to All Sizes, original size for a close up). Some letters I used twice, oops. So if you can't tell what the letter is or it was used twice (N and O), describe the fabric. So claim it in the comments, then email me at kdburkhardt at with your mailing address.

And for my international readers--I will ship patterns to you but not fabric, sorry!

I'll keep this giveaway open for a few days, til Friday, and most likely will do my shipping next weekend.

Postage is on me to say thanks for your readership and support! Most of this fabric has been pre-treated (washed and dried in a dryer). I have a smoke free, pet free home, though some of it dates back to when I lived with my parents--we had cats if allergy is a concern.

No limit on the number of fabrics you want to claim.

All are 44 inches wide unless otherwise noted.
A: 2 yards: pink lycra floral
B: 1 yard, 60 inches: poly chiffon
C: 2 1/8: cotton turquoise and black floral
D: 1/2 yard: synthetic red with black skulls
E: barely 1/2: cotton or cotton blend kids print
Fabric A through E

F: 2 yards, Mary Englebreit
G: 1 1/3 yards: purple poly or rayon
H: 1 and almost 1/4: purple poly or rayon floral
I: almost a yard: Polyester creamy print
J: 1 and 1/2: cotton or poly/cotton watermelon border print

Fabric F through J

K: 2 yards of 60" wide micro-suade type finish, orange-y
L: 1 yard but cut in half lengthwise, brown micro-suade type finish
M: .417 yards of creamy polyester, very thin
N: 2 3/4 flannel Sesame Street goes Hawaiian
O: 1 7/8 thick fleur-de-lis fabric
Fabric K through N

Oops, used N again: 1/2 yard 60 inch wide very frayable suiting aqua/brown
Ooops, used O again: 3 3/4 cotton or cotton/poly blend navy with gold print stars and moon
P: half yard of acetate, red

Q. 3/4 of 60" wide cotton or cotton/poly blend Christmas angels
R. 1 2/3 cut to 30" wide cotton or poly/cotton blend snowmen border print
S. panel, penguin door hanging
T. Let it Snow apron


U. panel, Santa outfit for decorative duck
V. 1 yard, 60" wide, some kind of rayon, cream colored
W. 22 inches, 60" wide, rayon or other synthetic, white

Fabric: Christmas and rayon



  1. Hi,

    You very generous with your pattern & fabric 'give-a-ways'!

    I'd love A: 2 yards: pink lycra floral & K: 2 yards of 60" wide micro-suade type finish, orange-y if they are available.

    Thanks so very much!

  2. I'd love N (Sesame Street) and O (fleur-de-lys fabric). Thanks so much!

  3. Hello Kyle,
    How generous of you. I'd like the red with black skulls and the navy with gold printed moons and stars.

    Thanks so much,

  4. Oh I would absolutely love F, J & R.
    Thank you so much. rsgrandinetti@yahoo(dot)com


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