Monday, May 3, 2010

Covet: McCall's 6069 and beading...

The pattern drawing doesn't look like much, but the 2 women who have made this dress and reviewed it on SPR look amazing here and here. Plus the pattern envelope says this is a one hour dress.


I'm thinking of using the front of A as the front and the front of C as the back. Seriously. Or the front of A as the front AND back, since the real back for A is pretty low and I'd like to wear this to work. I wasn't planning on making anything before SPR weekend, but maybe I squeeze this one in--maybe make it in black.

Speaking of SPR turns out the workshop is on embellishment featuring beading, which I've never ever done before. Here's the shopping list:

- 1 packet seed beads, 40 grams
- 1 packet bugle beads, 40 grams
- 1/2 yard each of two different trims.
These must be CHAIN-STITCHED together, even though in the trade they are all
referred to as "braid"
- 2-3 yards rattail cord
- 1 square fashion fabric, any type, 10-12" square
- 1 square of felt to back the fabric with, same size as fabric
- #10 beading needles
- Thread
- Your sewing supplies, such as pins, scissors, etc.
- Also bring the "repair pack" of needles, as it contains the"packing/sacking" needle, which will be useful in this work.

So I went to a beading shop in Princeton today because I'm trying to stay out of Jo-Ann's for a while, and the owner has never heard of a "packing/sacking" needle. She suggested I go to, um, Jo-Ann's. I also don't understand what I have to do with the trim--I'm supposed to buy a half yard of two different trims and then I'm supposed to "chain stitch" them together? Or I'm supposed to buy two different trims that individually are chain stitched? I'm sure the SPR forums have the answer....Anyway, on Lisa's recommendation I took out Alabama Stitch Book from the library and it has a whole section on beading, so I know now what a bugle and seed bead is. and it has a little tutorial on chain stitching but I don't think I completely understand it.

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  1. I can't figure out the shopping list either. But I think the trims are supposed to be pre-chain stitched. I don't have a car and don't have 3 hours to ride the metro to G Street before SPR, so it's kind of moot for me. I'll just have to observe.


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