Saturday, May 29, 2010

7 hours into McCalls 5725....

Here's where it currently stands, folks, after 7 hours of working on it (it's mostly binder clipped together and I *think* the weight of the clips is dragging the dress down):
McCalls 5725 in progress

I think I prefer it without the "drape". Here's a mockup of the drape.
McCalls 5725 in progress

Here's the back:
McCalls 5725 in progress

I had to laugh at myself, I was very excited that the pattern had the swayback adjustment on it, and I used it to remove horizontal lines at the lower back. But then of course the rouching detail is like an overly exaggerated swayback detail which intentionally creates horizontal lines.

So I really think that without the binder clips, and with the seam allowances, the brown band will become shorter and more flattering.

What I've learned so far:
  • I seem to be getting slower at sewing, not faster. I mean, 7 hours?? so far???
  • SPR reviewers are the best! They totally helped me out of a wonky back neck issue and droopy neckline issue
  • It was my first time tissue fitting for real and it didn't really help since I didn't really know what I was looking for? If that makes any sense at all
  • Sometimes ripping the dress apart and cutting the smaller size and sewing it back together is the best option.

Good night!!


  1. I have never seen binder clips used before. Interesting method. What are the pros? I think this dress is very flattering on you. Is that the fabric you bought at PR weekend? And I agree with you that it's better without the drape.

  2. Wow, looking good sew far! Good luck with getting to the finish.

  3. Hi Kyle;
    I've been a reader for a while. However, I wanted to stick my head up and comment here. With knit fabrics, it's really hard to tissue fit, as the tissue doesn't have the same "give" as the fabric would. Also, often knit patterns have negative ease. That means that are designed smaller than size measurements for a smooth fit in the fabric - again causing a problem with tissue fitting. So you are very right to be prepared to cut a size down if need be and the binder clip idea is a great one to test things out.
    Don't worry about the time it takes - once you get the pattern fitted to you and the changes made, it will take much less time the next time you make this pattern up.
    Good luck- it's a great colour combo on you.


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