Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in review

Anthony Williams (Project Runway season 7) bag

So let's see...

  • My mom surprised me with this autographed Anthony L Williams bag (Project Runway, season 7)
  • I made cookies for Mother's Day and for my testers. I love how my house smells afterward. YUM.
  • During a warmer night earlier in the week, I did some stretches/yoga on a beach mat in my backyard. Afterward, I just looked up at the sky, while lying on the mat. It was great. I think I understand why some people love camping. I'm not going camping, I just think I 'get it' now. Being outside, connecting with nature, that kind of thing.
  • I bought an "ironing blanket" at Joann's and it's great. I don't need to have the ironing board out all the time. Awesome.
  • My living room is looking more Hawaiian now that I have a watercolor print of Diamond Head! As I'm spring cleaning my house, I'm finding more Hawaii items and adding them to the living room. It's really coming along.
  • The SPR boards had all the info on the items needed for the beading workshop. I have procured all items and already have learned some new things, and the class hasn't even started yet! Packing/sacking needle, you are MINE!
  • Following SPR weekend, I'm off for the entire week. I will definitely enjoy my at-home vacation
  • Downstairs Hal appears to be broken...he only spins in one tight circle, never breaking out of that circle (unlike spot cleaning mode, where he concentrically circles out). I'll have to scoot over to to find out what to do. Last night I read the instruction manual and rebooted him, but it didn't solve the problem.
  • I went to a women's expo with my friend Denise yesterday. We each had a free Chinese pulse reading done by an acupuncturist. He said my spine is blocked in two places, I have digestion issues, and I need a good relationship. Even though my one year acupuncture and chiropractic anniversary is approaching, he said it's like I haven't been worked on at all because I'm so tense.
  • The weather during the week was the inverse of last week. Started out warm, ended up cold and incredibly windy.
  • My back has overall been pretty good this week. I've been doing more stretches, not crossing my legs while seated, and have been using the heating pad in the morning and at night. I also heat my belly and legs as well as my back, to try to loosen up my hip flexors. I think this has helped me lately as I've only had 2 or 3 small flareups; the rest of the time the pain is pretty minimal.

Here's the ironing blanket; I use it on my cutting table.
Ironing blanket

There's Diamond Head over my couch now:
couch with diamond head print

Good night!

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  1. I really liked Anthony! That was a sweet present from your mom. :) I can't believe the big Philly weekend is coming! It will be cool to see photos and hear the down-low from someone I know!


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