Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted

hello plants!
My new zinnias with my old rabbits...

Time is speeeeeding on by this week during my vacation. I hate that! It feels like it should only be Tuesday, but here it is Thursday night. The good news is next weekend is a 3 day weekend, phew!

I haven't sewn since making the cardigan on Tuesday (Gelbean, to answer your question, the fabric is rib knit from JoAnn's). I really want to make the "one hour" dress, to see if it really is one hour. It's already cut out, so I just have to come up with an hour. And there's another, more simple (or so I think) cardigan I want to make, in brown.

So what have I been doing?? Um, I bought some fabric at Jo-Ann's yesterday afternoon, using a 20% off my entire order coupon (regular and sale merch). It was one of those, 'you haven't been here in so long' coupons. And Mallory, my fabric cutter, was super nice and we wound up talking about piping and twin needles. She said she's having trouble with a top, and I asked her if she uses SPR, and she said yes, it's very helpful!!
5/19/10 at Joann's

I went to the gym and to acupuncture (um, no pix of either of those activities).

I got the frame for the Hawaiian monk seal--isn't he so happy and peaceful???
Hawaiian Monk Seal, sleeping and happy

I redid my "bird seed" wall art. It was kind of folding in the middle--I should have used heavier cardboard. So I framed the fabric. I'm still not happy with it.

Bird Seed redux

So that was all yesterday.

The big task for today was buying plants and planting them. I went to a trio of garden centers all near one another, and bought all my plants at one of them. I didn't get to plant last year and wound up going a bit overboard this year. Right now they don't look like much, but in 2 months time these impatiens should all be big, healthy and covering their spaces.
5/20/10: the beginning

I honestly don't remember what the flowers below are called (though the yellow ones are snapdragons..the others are ???)
5/20/10: the beginning

I've also been reading Staying Well with Guided Imagery. It basically takes the 5 pages of imagery in Healing Back Pain Naturally and expands it to an entire book, focusing serious illness (but also includes general well being, imagery for my back pain, etc). So far, so good! And I am a bad library patron; it's two weeks overdue (I had already maxed out the renewals). I promise to return it on Monday!! Never again will I have 10 books checked out of the library at a time. Max 4. well, maybe 5.

Good night!


  1. I think your bird fabric needs matting around it within the frame and then it will look like "you meant to do that." ;)

  2. I believe the purple and pink are verbena =)

  3. I bought the same embroidered linen from JoAnns in blue. I really wanted the red but they didn't have enough for the dress I was planning. Hope you enjoy your last few days off.

  4. Your hostas are beautiful and I love the set up with the rabbits too. We just went to a place called Day Lily Depot this weekend for plants. Such a great bargain when you can divide these lilies. Came by for sewing but was distracted by your wonderful garden :)


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