Sunday, May 23, 2010

McCall's 6069 DONE : Only 2.5 hours longer than claimed

So, my McCall's 6069 "one hour dress (sewing time only)" clocked in at 3.5 hours (sewing time only).

To recap, I used the front of A for the front, the front of C for the back, didn't add the pockets and left it sleeveless.

So last night it looked like this:
McCall's 6069 front in progress

and now it looks like this:

McCall's 6069 DONE front

I made the sash to go with it, but I don't really like it. I think it would look better with a belt, but shockingly all of my belts are too big for my waist.

McCall's 6069 DONE back

McCall's 6069 DONE side

The dress length was perfect before hemming, so I did a minimal hem. Next time (if there is a next time for this dress) I will cut it at least an inch or 1.5 inches longer so I can do a nice normal sized hem. I was proud of myself that when I did my twin needle stitching, I stitched on the right side of the garment. Also, I didn't have two spools of forest green thread, so I took an empty spool and wound up a lot of the forest green thread onto it and used that for my second spool. It totally worked!

This is what happens when the front of A meets the front of C; they don't really match up.
When front A meets front C
So I just trimmed away that excess.

The facing for the back is flopping around but really, as long as I remember to tuck it in, it's ok.

Somehow I took an really long nap this afternoon. I cut out my next project, a New Look cardigan, and started sewing it. I already ran into a speed bump with the collar, sigh.

Good night!


  1. Hot! Hot hot hot!!!!! It so happens I am also heading to Hotlanta tomorrow, but that does not diminish the fact that this dress is HOT on you. Very cute. Draped necklines are so classy. I wore my only dress with a draped neckline on Friday night and it's too wide... so is the back bodice, so it does a lot of slipping off the shoulders. Yours does not appear to do that and so is even more HOT!

    BTW I like my word verification: "foomfug".

  2. It may have taken longer than you thought but it looks good on you!

  3. I often use a spool of thread and the matching bobbin for twin needling. I use a neutral wooly nylon for the bobbin.

    That's a great dress!

  4. THis dress all sorts of good for you. It is very flattering and looks very professionaly made. This is one my favorites things you've made yet. You should definitely make it again.

    And for the record, my word verification was phort, which is I believe is the french word for fart, if I'm not mistaken. ;)

  5. That's a great LBD! It looks terrific on you.

  6. Very nice. I like how you switched out the front and back, making this a unique.

  7. Nice dress! It looks great on you!

  8. Oh Kyle, you're smokin hot in this dress!! Love the green. I am so glad you showed the pic of the shoulder seam. Mine did that to, but I did a bad job tracing the pattern markings (read: I did not mark at all) so I figured I guesstimated the foldline incorrectly. I love the combo of A front and C front as the back -- verrry crafty and great results. And I do like the sash, but I feel what you're saying. I never like a sash when I make it, but when I see them on others they always look great!!

    Anyway, lovely color, lovely fit (way nicer skirt fitting than mine), lovely dress!

  9. I just love your version of this dress. It's perfect for work... good job!


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