Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simplicity 2552 view A Done

I'm kind of excited that the Rutgers ballroom dance team is on Dancing With the Stars tonight. I took lessons with the ballroom club a few years back and used to go to monthly social workshops lead by their head coach. So I think it will be cool to see the coach on tv!

When I told folks at SPR weekend that I have this week off from work, a few asked if I would spend every day sewing. Truthfully, sewing hadn't even crossed my mind as a planned activity for this week. I was feeling worn out from work and thought I would try to do as little as possible this week.

But after this weekend, the sewing bug hit again. Really, how could it not?? Last night I cut out Simplicity 2552 view A, the Cardigan. Today, I spent ~6 hours sewing it. It's black knit because I wanted something to wear when I'm wearing sleeveless shirts in the office and the air conditioning gets too cold. I plan on making something similar in brown.

I swear, it looks cuter in person.
Simplicity 2552 view A front

Simplicity 2552 view A side

Simplicity 2552 view A back

Simplicity 2552 view A close up

Simplicity 2552 view A the button

It has pleats at the collar, one on each side.

The pattern envelope I had went up to a 12, so I made the 12 since a reviewer on SPR said that the cardigan ran small. She was right. If I had the 14 I would have made the 14, but that must be the next pattern envelope. It meant that I couldn't really close it down the front--and neither is the model on the pattern envelope, even though she has buttons down the front of her cardigan! I used a snap and sewed a button to the very top.

It took a long time to get the front placket the way I wanted it--like an hour. But after that it went pretty smoothly. I feared that sleeve shoulder dart because of a bad experience in the past, but this one was easy peasy.

Again, I think it looks a lot better in person. I bet it would be even cuter in green.

So much to sew, so little time...

Hey, does anyone know of a good tutorial for swayback??? I need to learn how to do that before I make my next semi-fitted dress. Thanks!


  1. That is SUPER cute. I have to buy that pattern. What kind of knit did you use? It was great to meet you this past weekend. I have been reading and enjoying your blog for awhile now.

  2. oh I love it too - in fact I'm going to have to buy that pattern too. In a 14 up though - you can be real real sure of that.

  3. That is a cute cardigan. I like the pleats at the neckband.

  4. Cute cardigan! I really like the neckline.

  5. Love the cardigan! I think it looks great with the one button and draping open a little at the bottom. Did you buy the fabric in Philly?

  6. Totally cute cardi! I am going to have to look for that pattern.

  7. Your cardigan is sooooo cute on you! I have this pattern but it's still in the 2besewn pile...glad you are enjoying your vacation. You've had a good weather week!

  8. oooh, I love this. Too bad I don't like the rest of the pattern enough to justify buying it. As you know, I have way too many patterns right now. But I'll keep it in mind.


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