Saturday, May 22, 2010

McCall's one hour dress, now in its second hour

McCall's 6069 has the lofty "1 hour dress (sewing time only)" claim.

I cut it out Tuesday night and threaded the machine then.

At 7pm tonight, I started sewing. Here's where I was at, circa 9pm:

McCall's 6069 front in progress
McCall's 6069 in progress side
McCall's 6069 in progress back

I still need to tighten and finish off the elastic, hem the armholes and the bottom of the dress, figure out what to do about the back facing, and what to do for a belt/sash.

This may very well be what I wear to the SATC2 premier. I was going to make a Carrie style skirt, but feel I'm running out of time as the premier is this Thursday, not next Thurs....

I used the front of view A for the front, and the front of view C (yes, the front) for the back, as the real back is just too low for my taste. I ran into some trouble at step 26. I really don't know what to say about that step, it's where the facing wraps around and is sewn to the front, creating a nice finish, but I couldn't get it to line up properly for a while. I also did not put pockets in this dress. or sleeves. And yet I'm on hour 2.

Well, it's not a race!

Do you notice anything new in the pix, besides the dress????

Also tmw I want to sew New Look 6922, the long sleeved cardigan, I was going to rip apart a disaster cardigan and use the fabric for the 6922 cardigan but I seem to have misplaced the disaster cardigan. How can that be???

Also I'm on the lookout for a good swayback tutorial, if you know of one please send it my way!

Good night!!


  1. This is how I do my swayback alteration:
    The dress looks great.

  2. Love the dress. I'm pretty sure you have a new shower curtain!

  3. I have yet to make a dress in an hour! I love the look of this one--take your time it is looking great!

  4. Very cute dress no matter how long it takes to sew up. :)


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