Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Hot HOT

So here I am, pretending like I don't have to go to work tomorrow...

It's HOT this weekend. I did laundry today--sweaters, flannel and corduroy from the front of the week, transitioning over to shorts and tank tops near the end of the week.

I do not have a picture to go with it, but the most exciting thing I did this weekend was plant some pink impatiens in my front yard. Since my gardening life was on hiatus last year, it felt extra special to dig around in the dirt again. I have plenty more planting I want to do, but 2 six packs was a great start.

Here's the view from my chair yesterday afternoon as I read in the side yard

May 1, 2010 in my side yard

Last year all you saw were cloud photos but this year I am able to drag the lounge chair to the side yard again. What a treat!!

I've been really good this year about NOT buying note cards, greeting cards, stationery. I have enough to last a long, long time, and anytime I feel the urge to go to JoyCards or Paper Source, I just look at my 2 drawers full of cards/stationery and the feeling passes. But I couldn't resist buying these at Michael's yesterday. Seriously.
pineapple note cards

I'm in a very very Hawaiian mood. My Hawaiian living room is coming along, without going overboard (no grass skirts or hula girl lamps). I'm also excited that I'm not really buying that much stuff for it. I've found plenty of things I already own. And Antoinette gave me an idea about Hawaiian shirt pillow covers. Woo!

Good night!

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