Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blogger meetup with Elizabeth from SEWN

Elizabeth and moi
At Gwen Couture fabrics
For my final day in San Diego, I met up with Elizabeth from SEWN.  We first met at PR weekend Philly in 2010 and have seen each other, even if only for a minute, at each PR weekend since.

I recognized the fabric  for her skirt in the picture above--she bought it in SF at PR weekend and sewed it up right away! I don't remember who I was with who also bought that fabric but it was popular.

Gwen Couture
Gwen Couture entrance
First we hit up Gwen Couture in La Jolla.   The selection is really small--this may be the smallest fabric store I've ever been to-- but a lot of good stuff awaits, including one of the eyelets I bought in Hawaii at Kaimuki (same price as Kaimuki, too).

I know it's not surprising that I bought some great RPL ponte knit in eggplant and navy, but what is surprising is the alphabet knit I bought.  I can see this as a great tee to wear under a cardi, plus it's incredibly soft. And check out that metallic piping!

fabric from Gwen Couture fabrics
Antoinette has been looking for a black and white striped knit--would either of these work?
fabric from Gwen Couture fabrics
Then we went to Discount Fabrics.  I just learned there are two locations in SD, one of which is in an old movie theater.  We went to the one on W Morena, near-ish the Sea World.   This store reminded me so much of Cloth World--in NJ, Cloth World was (to me) the predecessor of Joann Fabrics.  Cloth World had tons of round tables with bolts of fabric along the circumference, and Discount Fabrics does too.  Kind of a blast from the past--they even had HBO fabric circa 2007.  I picked up a stretch lace and a knit.  I want to make the raglan sleeved shirt KID MD made a few weeks back.

We had lunch at a BBQ joint and had a fun convo.  Thanks for meeting up with me, Elizabeth.  You can read her post about the day here.

Later I went down to the Children's Cove in La Jolla to look at the seals.  The seals are controversial for reasons I won't go into here, but I've loved them since first laying eyes on them in 2004.
seals at children's cove
There were TONS of them on the beach last night. Tons and tons of them.
seals at children's cove
Look at them all!  If you think it's a rock, it's most likely a seal.
seals at children's cove
La Jolla palm trees
La Jolla palm trees

La Jolla sunset 5/7/13
I watched most of the sunset before running back to my room because it was suddenly so cold.

I got up at 3:45am today to make my 6:25am flight, and only had 3 hours of sleep last night. I'm off work one more day then go back on Friday. It feels so weird to be home, like I haven't been here for months, not two weeks.  Spring has sprung!  But now, sleepy town...

Be well!


  1. So good to see you! Love your touristy pics. Very artsy. Hope your fabrics from Gwen Couture get home safe.

  2. I love b&w knits! Cotton blends and rayon blends in particular, and if they have lycra that's even better.

  3. So surprising to see mention of Cloth World! That was the store I grew up on and also one of my first summer jobs during college. I loved (and still love) when the new patterns came in and I was the first to see and touch them.

  4. Oh, and Jo-Ann's actually DID buy up all of the Cloth Worlds.


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