Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Facing my fears: my second-ever double welt pocket sample

Last night I sewed my first-ever double welt pocket sample.

Lee, I don't know why they are so scary, they just are. :) Lately I have been facing a lot of fears at work, and that combined with a sudden surge of energy I have, and a fear of it taking me 6 months to sew the Thurlows, has staged me for tackling the pockets.

Velosewer, thank you for your enthusiasm for my first-ever double welt pocket. :)
Tonight I sewed up my second-ever double welt pocket sample.
Here they are:

Welt pocket sample #2 on left; sample #1 on right
There's room for improvement, but it's not so bad.
Welt pocket sample #2
I took lots of in-progress shots and didn't delete them. If you want to see them, they are here.

Facing my next fear: fly fronts for trousers. I have made fly zips for 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of cords but not trousers. So next up, I will make a sample fly front for trousers.

Be well!


  1. I can see you're going from strength to strength.

  2. I've not made a double welt pocket, and admire your work. Your posts are encouraging me to try.

  3. Looks great from here. Congrats on tackling the 'hard' stuff. Success is such a confidence builder. Keep up the good work!

  4. Remember that you have to take into consideration which way the grain will fall, when you use a napped fabric! You may have made your welts deliberately different from the nap direction of the pant leg, in order to to emphasize your beautifully precise sewing, in which case I apologize. In most cases, you'd want the nap to run in the same direction as the rest of your garment -- for welt lips, this may mean placing them in opposite directions to each other, so that they read as same-direction when you install them. Oh, dear, too confusing to try to explain ... the same problem haunts me when I use a directional print on welt lips.

  5. Very nice welts! I've used this fly tutorial a number of times.
    If the link doesn't work just search "hot patterns fly tutorial" It's a gooder.

  6. Great job Kyle! I love how you keep pushing yourself to learn new techniques.

  7. These look really great! I'm highly impressed with those crisp corners.


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