Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Facing my fears: double welt pockets

I took careful photos of most of the steps for my first-ever double welt pocket sample; then somehow accidentally deleted all the pix in the camera folder. That was a very fast way to open up a boatload of space, but I don't have the in-progress pix I took tonight.  I didn't lose any other pix since I am pretty diligent about uploading pix to Flickr as I take them. 

Now....Flickr is stuck at the "add to album" step on Firefox and Chrome on Windows8 and Firefox on Windows 7.   Soooooo.......here are the pix, directly uploaded to my blog.   The pattern is the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern.  I followed the pattern directions and Lladybird's photo tute for double welt pockets.

I can see room for improvement, but for the first time, I don't think these are bad.

Facing my fears step 1:  sew first double welt pocket sample....
Facing my fears, step 2: Make second double welt pocket sample...maybe tmw night???

Be well!
And wishing you better luck with Flickr than I am having at the moment....


  1. I've only done it once. I really need to conquer these pockets as well.

  2. I can see a great double welt pocket on your blog :)
    Practising a second time will help cement these into your skill set.

  3. Why are welt pockets so terrifying? A few years ago, I tackled the welt pocket beast and I'm competent enough not to be afraid anymore. My pockets are not always perfect, but at least I'm not afraid :-)

  4. That looks so good!

    Congratulations on tackling the bear.

    Mary in Thailand

  5. I think they look great! I tried a single welt pocket. Once. I can relate to the trepidation, but you are such a strong technical sewist that I imagine you can master this technique quickly!


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