Friday, May 17, 2013

Honolulu fabric arrived today, with a story.

On May 4, a Saturday afternoon, Shannon and I shipped my Kaimuki Dry Goods fabric in a medium flat rate box to my parents home in NJ.

The tracking showed it left Honolulu, and then....nothing!  Scheduled delivery date May 7.

Today the fabric showed up, May 17.

My mom wrote, "When we got home there was a big box on the front porch. It said $9.75 due. It had tape around it that said "received in damaged condition." I hope everything is there. Certainly this is better than nothing."

I asked for pictures of the box, and for them to open the box and determine what was inside.

My Dad wrote, "Here is what we received.  This is the outer box."

How it arrived at my parents house.
I blurred out the address.
Priority Mail medium flat rate box
Dad continued, "This is the inner box. It came wrapped in a plastic bag. The bag has some kind of fluid on it in the upper right hand corner. When I opened the plastic bag the inner box appeared to be sealed and unopened. In fact it took quite a bit of effort to pull the box open."
Kaimuki Dry Goods fabrics
The navy blue circle eyelet is the most expensive fabric I've ever bought, at $23 a yard.

Dad continued on, "When I opened the sealed inner box these 5 fabric samples were inside. The cat fabric and the blue check fabric have a darkened corner from some kind of sticky fluid that you can see in the pictures. They all have this fluid on them in varying degrees. When you touch the sticky area the fluid comes off on your hands. It appears to be the dried residue of pineapple juice. Mom and I both got it on our hands and it washed off easily in hot soapy water."

I laughed out loud, pineapple juice! Yes, I thought about keeping the fabric in the plastic bag and jamming it in the box, but it seemed like I could pack the box better without the confines of the bag.

Another message from Dad, "After sending you the first email I went and looked in the inner box again and I found these three patches.  There is some sticky stuff on the paper on which the patches is mounted but the patches themselves appear to be clean."

The tracking still shows it left Honolulu, then nothing.

How Hawaiian, my fabric, with pineapple juice.  I love it.  It's a happy ending for my $176 purchase.   I'm so excited it is here!   :)

I need to get to sleep soon, I have a very big day ahead tmw!  Big weekend, actually.

Aloha!  Be well!!


  1. Pineapple juice on a package from Hawaii! No better ending to the story. So glad all the fabric got to you, and the juice is washable outable. BIG WEEKEND AHEAD!!! Yippee!!!

  2. I was really getting worried about your fabric not arriving! So glad you posted this story. I hope the pineapple juice washes out and your fabric is okay! What a strange chain of events!

  3. That is so fitting. So if you're fabric gets cleaned but still smells of pineapple that's still a great outcome.

  4. I am so glad your package arrived. what a story.

  5. Oh no! I hope it washes out well!


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