Sunday, May 12, 2013

My fabric haul from San Fran, Honolulu and San Diego

Here's all the fabric I bought on my travels, except for Kaimuki.  Kaimuki wouldn't ship, so Shannon and I mailed the fabric from the post office. Tracking shows it made its way to a sorting facility in Honolulu, then departed Honolulu, and then....nothing..  May 7 estimated arrival date.  Today is May 12.  So...I'm giving it another 2 weeks to show up.  I mean, it has to show up.  I paid $23 a yard for some of that fabric!!!

all of the haul...except for Kaimuki!!!
The haul

Here's what I bought at Discount Fabrics in San Diego with Elizabeth.
stretch lace and purple knit from Discount Fabrics in SD
Black stretch lace, purple cotton knit, because I want to make a shirt like KID, MD.
fabric from Gwen Couture in SD (plus labels she threw in!)
Funky alpahbet viscose, purple and navy luscious double knit, and metallic piping from Gwen Couture.
Gwen knows how to package-she wrapped the fabric in tissue paper first, and then put it in a plastic bag. And she included those "Made in USA" labels--how great is that??  Such a neat surprise.

Here's the motherload from Stone Mountain and Daughter:
fabric from Stone Mtn and Daughter
Sweater knits, double knite, cotton knits, knits knits knits.  The black knit is black on one side and sort of an indeterminate color on the other.
Fabric from Stone Mtn and Daughter
More double knits including elusive turquoise; stretchy sequins and pink flower ribbon.

I saw my parents for Mother's Day today.  Dad showed me his sewing area in the basement.
my dad's Brother serger and careful notes
LOVE how he's annotated his serger.
lilacs from my parents house
Lilacs from my parents yard. I love them! (my parents and the lilacs).

Anyhoo, I am feeling completely overwhelmed, but that is a post for another day.

Be well and good night!


  1. Wow! You made some great purchases. I can't wait to see what you make.

    There was a lilac bush just outside our dining room window in the house I grew up in. I've loved lilacs ever since!

  2. I NEED THAT ALPHABET PRINT FABRIC. Your fabrics are to die for. Can't wait for your package to arrive to see what else you bought.

  3. They Are Awesom Bunch Of Fabric. Excited To See The ResT! Hope They Will Arrive Soon! :) And How Awesome.That Your Dad Has A Dedicated Sewing Space Too!

  4. What a fabulous trip, buying, sight-seeing, meeting friends. You'll have many hours of happy with all that new stuff! Glad for you.

  5. It will come. Hawaiian time is not the same as usa time.
    Love the alphabetty fabric.

  6. What lovely fabrics you have there...I remember guarding your coveted knits while you continued shopping at Stone Mountain. lol

  7. I will gloss right over the fabric haul envy, past even the lilacs, and run directly to "raise mast before sewing!"
    What is this - a sailboat? LOL

  8. Tell your dad thanks from me as I will copy his notes onto my new Brother 1034 serger. Nice fabrics Kyle.

  9. I love your Dads idea of labeling the serger. I have the same one and I have to pull the manual out every time to figure out which looper is which. I'm definitely breaking out my label maker for that! Awesome that your purchases made it through.


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