Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can it be??

Will this be the final Sewaholic Trouser muslin before making the real deal?

Sewaholic version n+1

Sewaholic muslin version n + 1

Here is my other weekend project:
my other weekend project
Painting the downstairs hallway

And look at what I found outside while I was cleaning the windows:
hello rose!
This rose bush came with the house. It was so happy the first year but it has struggled with black spot ever since. It is such a fighter, though. I admire its spirit.

Be well!


  1. How I am relief finding another person struggling with pant fitting issues. I counted yesterday patterns I have made so far – 8 and I can say that there more muslin pants… I decided to finish one of them – whatever! And have something to wear at home.
    I found pant fitting addictive. Very often - too often – while drinking coffee – I just think about ‘what would happen if I could do this… ‘Then I am trying this at home on one of the muslin and it looks as I have to start all over again. It is very interesting learning process and even though I am exhausted by it – I start to understand it as well.
    However since I started to dream about pants fitting and muslin I have to take a break…
    I am very curious your final results. It will be perfect – I am sure :-)

  2. *shudder* You brought back memories of when I painted all but one room in my house. Blue tape was EVERYWHERE! I still can't believe I did it by myself. What color are you painting your hallway?

  3. Oh yes, we'll be decorating with painter's tape soon! The home we just moved into is getting some big renovations and then comes the fun part-not!


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