Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thanks American Sewing Expo!

Thanks, American Sewing Expo
Thanks American Sewing Expo!
They had a contest recently in one of their newsletters, to celebrate their 20th year, with an unspecified prize...the prize arrived last week!

The contest was to name the person who has taught at the ASE the last 19 years. The hint was that she's on the ASE homepage. I was pretty sure I knew who it was...checked the website, verified it was Kathy Ruddy, then sent my email response.  It said the first 3 respondents with the right answer would win a prize.

Since I was jetlagged in San Diego, and read the email minutes after it arrived in my inbox, I was pretty sure I had a pretty good chance of winning.

The bag is zippered and insulated, and of course I love the contrast binding!

Thanks for your comments on the welt pocket sample #2, and your encouragement.  LinB, you are right, it's important to keep the welt going the same direction as the fabric nap unless the contrast is intentional as a design element.  I had followed the pattern layout and it wound up being that my nap for the welt pocket is horizontal while the nap of the leg is vertical.

Tonight I cut out the pieces to make a sample fly front for the Sewaholic Thurlows.  There is a mistake in the pattern layout--be sure to follow what the pattern piece says--cut the left front and right front on the fabric with right sides up (fabric and pattern!). As Jennifer Stern would say, "Ask me how I know"

Facing my fears part 2.5: cutting out the pieces for the fly front zipper
The pattern calls for a 4" zipper and I have two of those from Fabrix in San Fran!
Be well!


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