Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday evening

Thanks everyone--my rib is getting better (again) and it didn't hurt to breathe today. woo!

I had such a bizarre dream this morning. I went to urgent care and signed in. The receptionist asked, "would you like an MRI today?" and I said, "excuse me?" and she replied, "Would you like an MRI today? We have the MRI machine now so you can have an MRI today" and I was kind of incensed and said, "I wish you had this back in the spring!!!" And then I woke up thinking I would like an MRI of my knees.

Len and I had a good conversation tonight. I admitted that I went back to the gym, and he wasn't upset at all. He just told me to take it easy. (He seemed to already know that I went back to the gym, but I'm not sure how he knew...) He is still really enamored by my coat and asked me a lot about it. He had seen it last week already, but I told him how I added pockets last weekend and he seemed really amazed by that and was asking how I did it, like he was really interested in knowing how it all it put together. I'm not sure I've ever had a non-sewist ask in such detail about a garment I made. We also talked more about when he was hit by a car, how it changed his life, etc. It was really great little conversation. I then hit the gym and went to groove class. I took it really easy. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

Tomorrow I take my car in for service and they're letting me have a loaner car for the day. I'm guessing it's going to be $$ if I get a loaner car. I think it needs a brake job. I'll just be glad not to wait in that waiting room with CNN blaring on.

Are we all excited for the Tim-visits-everyone-at-home episode next week? It's my favorite epi of the season!! And just how many times did Tim use the word "staggering" last night??

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  1. I love talking with non-sewists about sewing. I love demystifying. Pockets do seem so impressive to someone who doesn't sew. Like Kerry Washington marvelling over the little pockets in Carol Hannah's dress in last week's challenge.


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