Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rain rain rain rain rain rain & rain

Last night Pete discovered the hair dryer:
Pete discovers the hair dryer

I had a rather sleepless night. It was too warm in the room, and too light. We got up at 8:30 and had breakfast downstairs. Then after I napped for 2 hours, we went to the Manchester Art Gallery where we had lunch and saw the Angels of Anarchy exhibit. I'll admit, the majority of it I just didn't "get".

me at the art museum

On to Krispy Kreme! Generally I'm against going to American franchises in foreign lands but I can't get to Krispy Kreme unless I'm on vacation.
Our donuts, coffee and water

On to some shopping, but I only bought some things at Paperchase (and postcards at the Art Gallery).
More Christmas lights:

More Christmas lights

Back to dinner at our hotel.

Pete and his fish and chips:
Pete and his very fancy fish and chips

Pete and treacle tart with date ice cream(treacle is molasses).
Pete and treacle tart

Me and my burger and fries:
Me and my burger and fries

This is our last evening in Manchester. It's back to Warrington tomorrow.

My ankle hurt a bit this morning, but it's generally better. Pete's cold is progressing. His voice has changed from "late night radio show host" to "young boy on verge of puberty" to almost back to his normal self.

It continues to rain. There has been horrible flooding as shown on tv, but no flooding like that around here.

Good night!

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  1. The double pointy fingers crack me up! There must be some wedding photo where you can work in that pose. It is so Kyle and Pete.


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