Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wet wet wet rain rain rain

I have a sore throat...oh noooo....Pete is coughing like some TB patient.
But we still had fun in Manchester!

First we hit up breakfast. Pete scored with eggs benedict while I chose poorly with the sausage baguette. I wish I had the eggs benedict, my goodness, the yummiest sauce around!

No pix of breakfast.

Here's a picture from our hotel brochure:
from the brochure for our hotel
Write your own caption.

The floor in the room was mostly covered in carpet but the part that wasn't reminded me of the flooring in my door room in college:
floor in our hotel room

The monsoon shower was really neat (even if the temp control was in centigrade--I don't even know what temperature I like to shower at in Fahrenheit!)
monsoon shower at the abode (with adjustable (in centigrade) water control)

We packed and hit the streets of Manchester.

We went back to the Christmas shoppes. They're temporary wooden buildings, like this one:
example of a temporary Christmas shoppes

Pete offered to buy me this purse for Giftmas that I coveted and I said yes. I know it's for a 5 year old but I just love the cleverness of it.
panda bag Pete bought me for Christmas

He also bought me these pins:
pins Pete bought me for Christmas

Marks and Spencer (Marks and Sparks) is kind of like Macy's:
Marks and Sparks for Christmas

I love these askew Christmas trees just plopped into pots until they are planted:

askew trees


We went on the Wheel of Manchester (I don't know what it's really called).
This is what it looks like at night.
the wheel

We went on it during the day while it was rainy and windy.

I always forget that Pete is afraid of heights:
Pete on the wheel of Manchester

me on the Wheel of Manchester


We ate mini-pancakes and waffles from the, well, mini pancake and waffle stand at the Christmas shoppes (no picture--time was of the essence eating the warm, just-made goodness in the cold rain).

Took the train back to Warrington. Had dinner at Nando's (a chicken restaurant). I kind of messed this up. Nando's was supposed to be for Thanksgiving dinner as it was the closest thing to Thanksgiving dinner that I could come up with.

My hot chocolate complete with the Nando's logo:
the Nando's bird in my hot chocolate

Pete and his tea:
Pete and his tea at Nando's

Then we went grocery shopping. More lights:
Christmas lights in Warrington

Left: choc for a coworker; right: an oven mitt for me
chocolate & oven mitt  bought

Oh, squirrels. I wish this was in jute:
squirrel bag

Reusable plastic bag

Tonight we watched a show called "Embarrassing Old Bodies". Wow, they show a LOT on English tv.

Running behind on Pete's house tour. Here's his living room from one angle:
Pete's living room
and from the other:
Pete's living room

His dining room:
Pete's dining room (door leads to kitchen)

Good night! Happy Early Thanksgiving!


  1. Reading "Fine German Drinks And Food" on the Christmas market building totally cracked me up! Germany has really nice Christmas markets. Paris had some nice stalls too when we were there last year but it was more the winter wonderland feeling rather than a Christmas feeling.

  2. That was me. Something happened when I tried to type in my name...


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