Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Simplicity 3696 DONE

I finished off Simplicity 3696 tonight, woo!

I abandoned my "dark blue cuff" idea and just added a strip of red fabric cut with the selvages. I think it looks like a long cuff and looks more like a feature and less like "I didn't have enough fabric." I have other ideas for future shirts, such as sewing multiple strips of fabric together as a cuff, or to pintuck the cuffs.

You can see the slubbiness of the fabric. Antoinette was asking if it's soft. It's ok. Not really scratchy, but not very soft either. I think it will get softer over time, though I have no evidence of that, it's just a hunch.
Simplicity 3696 now with "cuff"

Simplicity 3696, full view, done
I wound up ripping out the old gathers and putting in new ones.
these are the old gathers:
simplicity 3696 old gathers

these are the new gathers:
Simplicity 3696 gathering

I think I might actually like the old gathers better. Sigh. That was 20 minutes of my life, gone.

Back update: My back is so much better. I woke up Monday morning and felt fine which was pretty wild after Sunday night's pain

Knee update: I have to check my pain spreadsheet, but I think I had a week without knee pain, but it's been coming back. My right knee has been hurting since Saturday. I see Len on Friday and hope he can help me out.

New pain: something in my shoulder--hmm..we'll see where that's going...

Nostalgia: It was a year ago that we went to Kauai. Oh, nostalgia.

Good night!


  1. I love your quirky style, the things you make are really styley and original.
    And thanks for linking me to your blog, I'm very pleased to be here!

  2. Thanks for the info on the fabric. Hope it does get way soft. I prefer the new gathers if that helps to justify the 20 minutes! xo


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