Friday, November 27, 2009

post-Thanksgiving day in England

I woke up at 11am today. I'm back on Eastern time, even though I'm still in England! We thought about going to the Hat Museum but we wound up staying around Warrington instead. It actually hailed this morning!

We went to the Warrington mall today. Here's a deer:
deer in the mall

Here are the Warrington Christmas lights:

more Christmas lights

Warrington's Christmas tree:

the Warrington Christmas tree
We went to Sainsbury's grocery store again to buy something I forgot for Christine. Since it was Friday night, it was really packed!

Pete's house tour continued. Here's his den:

Pete's den

Here's one angle of his bedroom:
another view of Pete's bedroom

And another view:
view of Pete's bedroom

We had lunch in a coffee shop, soup at home, ate a lot of junk food while watching the Daily Show and QI that Pete had DVR'd.

Tomorrow is my last full day in England. I fly back to Jersey on Sunday morning. Sigh!

Pete's still coughing, though it is less frequent. My sore throat has pretty much gone away. Overall my joints are doing ok; it's just my left knee that hurts a little bit.

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  1. Enjoy your last full day for this trip! I see sun through the window in the first picture -- hope it's beautiful and sunny for you Saturday.


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