Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow: DONE!

Yes, folks, the Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow is done! I was inspired by Peacock Chic (and her button addition) to make this pillow!

Here's where I started today:
  • This afternoon, I painted the wooden button to be the same creamy color of the fabric.
  • Tonight, I sewed the mum to the center of the pillow (I made my pillow 14x14 inches instead of 18x18 inches, so that is why I centered the mum instead of relegating it to the corner like in Amy's directions).
  • Although Amy's pillow didn't call for it, I then decided which trim to use (smaller or larger--both are shown below--I chose smaller)

Smaller braiding...which is what I went with!

Here I am in the midst of sewing the trim on:
In the midst of sewing the trim on...

As the sun was setting on polluted New Jersey:
Nighttime sky....from inside my house...

I didn't really know how to finish the trim off, I just turned it under at the bottom. It wasn't true piping so I didn't know how to finish it.

I sewed the back on, shoved the pillow form in, and voila, it's done!
Boom!  It's done with the pillow form inside. Amy Butler snow mum pillow.

The pillow form doesn't seem to fill out the pillow very well. I can always fill it out with some stuffing, esp in the corners. The pillow also looks rather, um, curvy? But I know I sewed it together straight--not sure what went wrong there...

Here's the back. It doesn't have a zipper, but an overlapping bit that effectively keeps the pillow from popping out:
Back of the pillow

I'm almost done with another shirt, but that's for another post.
I also have a diagnosis for my back issues, also for another post.
Good night!!


  1. The flower pillow looks amazing - congratulations on finishing it! (The zipper-less construction is neat too btw.)
    What happened with the hat vote?

  2. Beautiful pillow! Maybe you can bronze it? LOL I wish I knew more about home dec sewing -- all I've got is instinct, which tells me first that your form is too small. If it were 16x16 maybe, it would overfill the entire pillow more evenly. As it is, maybe it's only overfilling the center.

    Yes, what's the word on the hat contest?


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