Sunday, April 19, 2009

Picture post

Guess what this is:
Mystery photo:  guess what this is

I finished this on Wednesday night (another Vogue 2945, this time sleeveless):
Vogue 2945

I made this today (New Look 6470):
New Look 6470; a hybrid of views A and B
It was a fast sew and cut (only 3 pieces, no bindings, no interfacing, no darts--I even modified it to have an inch added to the shoulder seam--that was easy).
I hate how I hemmed the sleeves. I'm going to take out the sleeve hems and leave it with a raw edge.
I don't know where I'd ever wear it, now that I made it. It looks too fancy for work.
I need to iron it too. It's a knit but a cheapy polyester-style knit. Must use lowest setting on iron...I washed the fabric and the creases still didn't come out of it...
Pete says he loves the intense look on my face. I was just trying to get a quick pic...

I bought these jeans recently. I hate it when pocket flaps don't stay down.
I hate pocket flaps that don't stay up
So I sewed them down tonight.
I also hemmed the jeans. I cut them too short. Oops. But I think I can fix that too. (Use a 1/4 inch seam to add a chunk of denim back to the bottom; fold under at the seam line and hem. That would give me another 3/4 of an inch...)

This is a disaster shirt from last fall--the binding does not stay upright nor on the right side--it always flips over and slouches. I'm going to rip out the white binding and black collar and replace with a white or cream ruffle. And then finish it off. Originally I was going to take Simplicity 2724 and make it as a shirt, in a knit fabric, but there were too many "woven characteristics" to make it work (darts, tucks, intricate ruffle addition). Somehow I remembered this disaster sitting in my closet. I'm going to fix it with the ruffle!
I'm going to fix this disaster shirt by replacing the white band and black collar with a white ruffle!!

I unclogged my drain by taking apart the pipes and removing the offending material. I really should have taken a before shot, not an after shot (and this is still a work in progress):
You should take pix before, not after, you mess with the pipes

I adore this parking lot full of Bradford pear trees. Finally I took a picture of it in full bloom:
Favorite parking lot full of bradford pear trees

Daffodils at the entrance to Society Hill II. Aren't they perky?

Tree in bloom at my house:
Tree in front of my house

My wireless router died too this weekend. I will order a new one that will work with my old laptop and new netbook, I hope. I never got around to installing the firmware on the router. I thought about doing that last night. So glad that I didn't since it decided to stop working last night.

(Pretend there's a picture of my old router here).

Good night!


  1. Wear that top to work. What do you mean it's too fancy? It looks great, just imagine it with slacks or a slim skirt.

  2. Oh, what a busy, busy weekend you had! I am going to guess that mystery item is a sleep mask. Hard to determine scale from the photo but deep down I suspect maybe it's much bigger than a sleep mask.

    Yes, I say wear that top to work, too! Looks amazing on you!


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