Sunday, April 26, 2009

Craft Fair and Southport Sunday

Pete and I attended the craft fair today. It turned out to be more of a supply-type fair than a crafters-selling-things kind of fair, but there were plenty o' things to buy and displays of various craft items. I bought some buttons and some jewelry.

We enjoyed the recycled items on display. I thought of Antoinette when I saw this dress made out of cuffs from men's jackets:
For Antoinette: a dress made out of men's cuffs
And thought these dresses made out of plastic carrier bags were neat (though I don't really understand this kind of recycling--will anyone ever wear these dresses? Or is it more just to make a statement?):
Made from plastic carrier bags

And these were made from wires inside tv sets:
Made from wires inside tvs

And this British "PiKnit" was very cool too:
British "Piknit"

At the end of the fair, Pete enjoyed some tea and I enjoyed some Nestles Aero hot chocolate (and isn't that red cat pin I bought just adorable?)

And we took some pix outside (it was held at a race course):
At the races, er, craft fair

The race track

Then we drove to Southport for dinner at Nando's and for a bit of a walk around. We decided to park at the beach, which wound up meaning ON the beach. It was really surprising to me. I mean, I have a very deep respect for water and what it can do, and here we are paying 3 pounds 50 to park the rental car on the beach where the tide clearly was...
If everyone else is paying to park on the beach it must be ok, right?

This was the view from where we parked the rental car:
the view from where we parked the car in Southport, UK

As it turns out, the tide had just gone out and was set to come back, well, at about 1:30am. Talk about making use of space while you have it.

We walked out on the pier but still couldn't see the sea, but we could see a neat shadow (us!):
That's us.  and a trash can.

And on the drive home, we saw not one but two rainbows.



There are even more pictures (if you can stand it!) in my England 2009 Album on flicker.

Tomorrow we will go back to Southport and stay overnight there. Looks like there are lots of fun things to do there. Yeah! The hotel we're going to stay at is supposed to have wireless, so if it's true I will blog from there tomorrow night.



  1. What a lovely photo journal of your trip! So great that you got so many good photos of the double rainbow. After seeing the cuff dress, I'm feeling guilty about all the cuffs I've tossed.... guilt immediately offset by recent refashions. Haha.

    As for the recycled bag dresses and the like, I guess I see similarities with high, high fashion: very conceptual, definitely making a statement, probably starting a trend although when the concept finally hits the street, the street version will be very diluted, maybe wearable -- and maybe not.

  2. I totally love the craft fair items and the rainbows--multiple and such a vast view! Antoinette, you're so right about high fashion! And the parking on the beach--hope you didn't get too cozy with the tide (is that how they calculate time parked? :-))


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