Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back diagnosis! & the Next Thing I Want To Make

First, an aside:
After finishing my Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow last night, I just added some links from my blog to Peacock Chic's original post about her pillow (which inspired me to make the pillow) and now she's made something else that I must make!! Check out her super cute camera case!!!

Pete, what are the dimensions of your camera? I want to make your camera case again!

Update on my back: I had two physical therapy (PT) sessions last week. Diagnosis: misaligned pelvis (most likely caused by my fall on ice on Dec 24), complicated by extremely tight lower back & pelvic muscles and too-tight hamstrings. The right side is tighter than my left side, but the left side also has Piriformis Syndrome. Also there is tenderness around the C4 and C5 vertebrae. She said it's possible I have disc damage, but she doesn't think so.

It is really great to have a diagnosis by someone who took the time to really check me out, finally!! And a treatment plan. I will go to PT 2x a week for the next 2 weeks, then I visit Pete in England for a week, then go back to PT for another week. And each day 2x a day I have exercises and stretches to do on my own.

While I felt pretty good on Wednesday and esp good on Thurs morning after doing my exercises, I felt really beaten up after my 2 hour PT session on Thursday, and on Friday morning I felt like I had been in a fight. This weekend, I don't feel too beaten up. But I still feel pain on the left and right sides periodically.

Currently the worst exercises she does involves
1: shoving her elbow into my piriformis muscle and jamming it til I feel a lot of pain, at which point she keeps going.
2: pushing her fingers into the lower right side of my stomach and pushing as far down as she can, which is very uncomfortable and I can feel it on the upper left side of my stomach!

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