Saturday, April 4, 2009


So I did laundry today while I sewed. At one point I thought, what is that smell? It was kind of pleasant and sort of laundry-detergent smelling, but my laundry detergent and dryer sheets are the dye-and-scent-free kind.

So just now I walk by the laundry area again, and the smell was really strong, you know?

So it made me really look at the washer and dryer.

There, on top of my dryer, is a bottle of color-safe bleach which I used once, when my mom gave it to me, and I never used it again, which is why I don't recognize its scent. Now the bottle is on its side. With almost all of its contents all over the top of the dryer. Including the lint cover. I obviously never tightened the cap when I used it that inaugural time.

I removed the lint cover. It's hard to say if any of it got into the lint vent thing itself. I pulled the lint catcher out. It's all wet on its sides. But maybe it got scraped the solution that had pooled around the lint cover as I was pulling the lint catcher out. The lint itself on the screen is not wet.

So, gah!

Here's what I was sewing:
Vogue 2945, square cowl neck
It's Vogue 2945, a square cowl neckline.
It's a "Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina" pattern.
On the envelope, it lists "Make it in two hours" under the heading, "What's Different".

It took me more like 5 hours to make this puppy.

Next time I will make it sleeveless and I bet then I can get it done under 2 hours. I had big trouble fitting the sleeves into the armhole and almost gave up.
I had some issues with the underlining and the shoulder seam, but I know what to do next time. I think it will look great as a sleeveless shirt.

Plus, it had bust darts. Bust darts in a knit? I wound up taking them out. I tried gathers instead but it looked silly so I took those out too. I just sewed down the side and of course that meant the front was now longer than the back. I cut the excess off the front (I had already added an inch to the front and back). Also, I made it with long sleeves instead of the 3/4 length. I did not use the sleeve cuffs.

Vogue 2945 with long sleeves

I'll SPR it tmw night, probably.
Unless the mood strikes me now. Which it might.


  1. I'm liking it! Funny enough, I am having the same challenge with my first blogged "microline" top, with the extra fabric at the bust, etc. LOL

    Crazy about the bleach. Bleach stresses me out. Which is why my bathrooms never look very white. Haha. ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about the bleach incident - I don't like bleach either - I hope the machinery is ok. At least it didn't put you off sewing - nice work! :)


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