Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tally ho!

Flowers from Jo & Jake!
Flowers from Pete's sister Jo and her son Jake

Today we journeyed across the English countryside to visit Pete's family. I took some pix on the way there.

Sheep dotting the countryside:
sheep dot the landscape

A dandylion explosion (that's mainly for Uncle Jim. I still laugh about how he said my mom "must be ecstatic" after she defended her chemical-free yet dandylion-filled lawn.)

A cow-crossing sign:
cow crossing in England

The countryside:

It was really great to see Pete's family again. We talked about wedding plans and I checked out the wedding albums of his parents and his sister. I loved his mom's 60's style turquoise wedding dress and jacket--and she looks very much the same as she did then! I can see Pete's face in his Dad's. And wow, Pete looks so different now compared to what he looked like when his sister got married--he looks like a totally different person! His mom prepared a lovely dinner buffet, and we took the dogs out for a walk. I learned that Pete's parents read my blog every day (hello, and thank you, Roger and Jackie!). His sister and nephew gave me flowers as pictured above. We arrived home safely and covered in dog hair. :)

Tomorrow we plan to go mini-golfing, then it's off to Maeri's house for dinner with several of Pete's friends and former colleagues, almost all of whom I've previously met and dined with at the many conferences we attended in our old jobs. I'm really excited that I will get to see them all again!


  1. O.M.G.

    "Sheep dotting the countryside".....

    Sounds (and looks) like heaven.

  2. Beautiful green, not like here! but we do have plenty of dandelions. Mustard, however, appears to be the state flower...


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