Monday, April 13, 2009

Cookies! and I lost. Again.

So it's Debbie the temp's birthday at work tmw so I made her some Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch tonight because she makes me laugh all day long and she loves my cookies.

This was after working all day and going to the gym so I am pretty tired...

I'm reusing the disposable packaging I've been saving.
Normally I would have thrown/recycled these, but instead I'm reusing these containers. The one on the left originally came with a cupcake; the one one the right is from a lunch I had at Olives. They wrote the price on it in sharpie marker but the "happy birthday" tag covers that up nicely...

Toll House Choc Chip Cookies with walnuts that I made from scratch, April 13, 2009

The cookies smell good. Let me activate the you smell them now? Mmmmm...

I lost the hat contest. I had 3 votes. The winner and runner-up had 19 and 11 votes respectively.

Future posts:
The shirt that's almost done.
A postmortem on why I lost the hat contest.
Recycling newspaper bags.

Good night!

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  1. The blog-o-smell must be working! Yummmm..... Bummer about the hat contest -- look forward to hearing your analysis.


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