Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rock the Vote!

Me and my new hat, McCalls 4664, embellished with flower power!

  • Voting is on now until April 11 for the Sewn Hat Contest at Sewing Pattern Review. If you've been a member of SPR for at least the past 90 days, you are eligible to vote in the contest. Please check out the entries. I'd be honored and flattered if you like mine the best and vote for me!
  • Voting is also on now for the One Pattern Many Looks contest. I voted for wendlesue because she made 6 distinctly different dresses out of one pattern, all in one month. It's not just the fabric but the detailing that makes them so different. You have to see them to believe it. Or at least look at the composite.
  • Why am I pretending like I don't have to go to work tmw when I do?
  • Am I crazy for thinking that our wedding should have a mission statement? As a way of helping us prioritize our budget?
  • I had my engagement ring resized today. The saleswoman who sold us the ring was there and greeted me like a long lost friend. She let me try on wedding bands and I selected "the one" which we will buy when Pete returns for a month or so this August.
  • Same saleswoman shook my hand when I returned to pick up the resized ring. When I bought my new mattress last month, the salesman also shook my hand. Is this a new trend?
  • I love the pinstriped version of Vogue 8442 (it looked even better in the catalog at JoAnn's, where the drawing was significantly larger)
  • I used all three rotary cutting mats, clipped together on my dining room table, for cutting out the shirt I made yesterday. Those mats smell!! The downstairs of my house smells like skunk; the upstairs smells like color-safe bleach.
  • Why oh why didn't I bring the center flower for my pillow to JoAnn's with me so that I could pick the proper button? I had not sewn the center flower on yet, so it is completely mobile. I chose the right size but it's wood and it's, um, not the color I want (wait, maybe I can paint it...)
  • Am I post-feminist for buying this shirt for my neighbor's newborn baby, without even thinking about what it's actually stating until hours after I bought it? Or am I just attracted to yellow because it's spring?
Shirt for my neighbor's baby
Good night!

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  1. Wow, six dresses from one pattern in one month is quite impressive! Keep us posted on the wedding mission statement! I never thought of doing that but it might really help. It ostensibly helps companies, right?


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