Monday, April 27, 2009

Southport Day 2

Well, I didn't wake up til 11am, so it was a pretty relaxed day and not to jinx myself, but my back feels much better. We drove back to Southport and checked into our very swanky hotel.
The Vincent hotel.  Funky screen  thing

We tried to go to the Model Railway Museum today but it was already shut. we got there at 3:57. Last admission is supposed to be 4pm for a 5pm closing. hmmm....
Railway Model Village in Southport

Here's the view from our room tonight:
View from our room at the Vincent

Hopefully tmw will be the Lawnmower Museum and the Railway Museum and the arcade! :)

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  1. I love model trains and am also fascinated by the concept of a Lawnmower Museum. I suppose it makes sense in England, the Urvater of lawns. I spent a lot of time yesterday and today baking cardamom spice cakes for the cast of the play I'm in. I made one with a crumb base and another two-layer with raisins. The first one has a browned butter caramel icing and the second one will have a regular caramel icing. However, the first cakes fell in the middle so I had to go buy more stuff and do it again! Have fun!


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