Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Brit is back in town

Pete arrived yesterday afternoon. And his luggage had a lot of tags:

Pete's arrived (with lots of luggage tags)

This time he was detained in the little room for only 2 minutes instead of 2 hours by immigration!

So far we've taken two walks in the neighborhood, went to CVS, the diner and Chili's. We bought clay to make our wedding "cake" toppers at Michael's (we're actually having cupcakes) and jointly designed our wedding logo, which Pete will digitally create tmw (yes our wedding has a logo)! We also picked out the pictures we will use on our wedding invitation and worked a bit on wording.

Here's what my neighbor is working on:
What the neighbor is doing
and here's my poor paradise rose bush, covered in black spot:
Paradise rose bush with black spot

Right back pain: 4 (it started hurting after laughing a lot?!). left pain: 2. knee pain 2. Tooth hasn't really ached today!!

No sewing this weekend, so no horrible red dresses! Good night!

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  1. Your post title is sooo cute. Glad the customs/ immigration/ whateverish went quickly!


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